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S n e l l , J o h n
Nazi revolution: Hitler's dictatorship and the German
Farnborough, D. C. Heath, 1974. 200 p. (Problems in Euro­
pean Civilization)
S t . J o h n , R o b e r t .
W .
H. Allen, 1973. 542 p.
Life of a remarkable diplomat.
T o y n b e e , A r n o ld .
A study of history.
London, Oxford University Press
for Thames & Hudson, 1972. 576 p.
Abridged from the original twelve volumes and generously
illustrated, it no longer describes Judaism as a “fossilized” religion.
V e rm e s , G eza .
Jesus the Jew.
London, Collins, 1973. 286 p.
W a l l a c h , M i c h a e l ,
T he Jewish year book 1974.
London, Jewish
Chronicle Publications, 1974. 322 p.
W o u k , H e rm a n .
This is my God:
new ed. London, Collins, 1973. 320 p.
Z e b e l , Sydney
Balfour: a political bibliography.
London, Cambridge
University, 1973. 312 p. (Conference on British Studies, Biographi­
cal Series)
Z ink in , T a y a .
Weeds grow fast.
London, Chatto and Windus, 1973.
160 p.
The author’s Russian-Jewish background is vividly described.