Page 180 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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»V ansion mux ,npa rrnso ,p nan .oiaVisi noa . * .a Va ’ a
/ay 290 .1973 ,moa nwnn
w iw
nnawa »aa onpaai ansoa ,on*nwa Vw mxapm
M i c h a l y ,
B. Y.
Essays and polemics.
Ramat Gan, Makor Library of the
Hebrew Writers’ Association and Massada, 1973. 290 p.
Portraits of poets, prose authors and critics representative of the
various trends.
main ,anx-Vn .n n rx i a n a i ,anaxa ,n*nn “i“iixV .m y , j i a * a
/ay 319 .a"Vwn ,nirm
.nxa niVyisn nrnaaa annaai ma^wi ,D’Bixa nsiox
Vw in n ra nnnx a^as /maxn 7am wsn,, ’Vayaa .m y , n a s
/ay 128 .rVwn ,Ta
,a*>ax“Vn .Bans
ayn ,nnson Vy nixnm anaxa ,nan nyi mwVwa . a m a x , a n ?
/ay 400 .a"Vwn ,jara ,a’ax-Vn—
w it
.D’pVn ^aw .nanam
.a’aiw ny nnaa laonsnaw anaxa nsiox
K a r iv , A b ra h am .
From days gone by to the present.
Essays and lectures
on literature, the people and the State. 2 vols. Jerusalem-Tel-Aviv,
Newman, 1973. 400 p.
xiaa *rpr!
t o
ap’V .
w t w
Vy anaxa*! maun ,ann ,w , a i Vw
.rVwn ,pra ,anx’Vn—nsw—
w it
.nanx xanw : n’s-iarVa’ai
nnw Vy anpaa*i an-nwa ,ansio Vw niawns n a n nianyn
S h a lom , Sh in .
A selection of critical essays on his poetry.
and ed. with introduction and bibliography by Shraga Avneri.
Jerusalem, Newman, 1973. 333 p.
nmp nia’wn yaip ,nVnan ’nanx .m ia n . , a n a V x - x - p s w
.T'Vwn ,ja*pa ,anx-Vn—d’Vw it .maaV manana a n ’wi
nnwa ipnai p y ,mTW nn^naa p’Vxn .a .n . xwi r , x v s w
.r'Vwn ,wax 'xm ,a’ax‘Vn .a^win a’apsox D’Vyan p’Vx’a
/ay 206
S h a p i r a , Zu sh a .
H . N. Bialik: in the paths of his poetry.
Emesh, 1974. 206 p.
Studies and researches which touch upon new aspects of Bialik’s
,*>i?oa'xma nor na*>a n m r a o*ary ,xxia xVV . pw- i a , i p w
.rVwn /rmxan r a ’pn ,anx-Vn .roaa p*a n ix n n a a«n nor
/ay 218