Page 187 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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aViyn nanVa pna nyi nxan mwxna v,xa nnyn aiw’n ” n
,nanan Vw nnapn ’ato ,nanam nnrxn — Vxnw’ . na*i’ , j na
.Kins pn: :0ianV x’an ,anaw nato : nny .n’nnoiai mm’iwn
/ay 200 .rto n ,n’arxn nmnonn ,a’Vwn’
,a’Vwn’ .ia’a’ nyi nmwxna ,n’ona marxn nymn . pn s ’ ,m x a
.mnnea ,n’anai’Va’a /ay 597 /rton ,n’ai’xn mnaon
.nVx ia’a’ nyi nnayw nxa*? a’aiawn mwa nyiann mnVm
M a o r , Y i t z h a k .
The Zionist movement in Russia: from its inception to
our day.
Jerusalem, Zionist Library, 1974. 597 p.
nmnonn mVxwa a n n nnna ,nnayn Vana . nn Vn , n ’ xa
/ay 359 .a"Vwn ,na’m mam ,a’ax-Vn .nanaa nnayn np’nm
M e i r , G o ld a .
Under the banner of Labor:
selected statements on prob­
lems of the Histadruth and labor legislation in the State of Israel.
Tel-Aviv, Tarbut ve-Hinukh, 1973. 358 p.
B’aw warn a’yaw ,mw’xi .vnnVm ,«nn'ao . ] r x i a , ’ V x a ’ a
.a"Vwn ,naiy ay ,a’ax-Vn .
1973— 1899
,a"Vwn—trann ,nmo’V
ay ,a^ax-Vn .n’Vxnww nnayn nnVmV xna . m m ’ , ’ pxi Vo
.a"Vwn ,naiy
nmnanai Vxnw p x Vw na” aaa nnayn nyian Vw nanan nnpan
.Vxnw’ nana Vw
S lu t z k y , Y e h u d a h .
Introduction to the history of Israeli labor.
Aviv, Am Oved, 1973. 340 p.
On the central role of the labor movement in the upbuilding
and conduct of the Jewish State.
noaa .aa’Vrx nnn nyVa Vaanr :iany . V a n ’ pna , n n n p y
nnn pyi nmxan pia’pn ,a’ax-Vn .nry nn’a :anan ’aa nawm
/ay 512 .a"Vwn
•Vn .’VaVa paan aan ,Vxnw’a mxVpnn . Vx i aw , oV ’ m m a
.a"Vwn ,nmxan p a ’pn ,a’ax
.nanan aip rxa n’xVpnn maw” nn.n Vw nmnnann
/ay 206 .T'Vwn ,xiV’a ,a’ax-Vn .’V naa’x
. Vs nn , j a w ’ a
.n’Vxnw’n nnana B” nn ma’x
F ishm an , H e r z l .
It matters to me.
Tel-Aviv, Milo, 1974. 206 p.
On the quality of life in Israeli society.