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background on the partisan resistance, the roots and results of
anti-Semitism, the destruction of normal values in a time of up­
heaval. The glory of heroic deeds is balanced between the depth
of suffering and deprivation. Equally important—it’s such good
reading! I tested this book on several of my children’s playmates.
Two boys, ages nine and eleven, awarded it the highest praise:
‘It’s as good as the Hardy Boys!’ It is a book that merits wide
reading not only by children but I would even say by adults."
The William and Janice Epstein Award is being presented for a
book of Jewish fiction. Mr. Epstein is the president of Bookazine,
one of the largest book wholesalers in the United States, and
is a member of the Executive Board of the Jewish Book Council.
He is also the publisher of
Judaica Book News,
an excellent
resource for information on Jewish books.
The judges for this award were Meyer Levin, author of
Obsession, The Settlers, Compulsion
and other best sellers;
Hugh Nissenson, author of
In the Reign of Peace
and other
writings; and Harold U. Ribalow, author and anthologist of
twelve Jewish volumes.
The judges have selected for the award
Judah the Pious
Francine Prose, a native of Brooklyn who attended Radcliffe
College and then taught creative writing at Harvard. Her arti­
cles and stories have appeared in a number of periodicals. She
is receiving the award for her first novel entitled
Judah the
published by Atheneum. Her second novel,
The Glorious
was also published by Atheneum this past February.
Judah the Pious
is an imaginative and artistic achievement.
The novel is a folktale set within another folktale with the nar­
rative tradition of Hasidic parables. According to the author,
the book is about “miracles, magic, science, God, people and
families, people and love, adventure, memory, understanding,
disappointment.” It is a spiritual as well as an adventure story.
We hope that this award to Francine Prose will encourage her to
further enrich Jewish literature.
For the second time we are presenting an award for a book
on Jewish history. This award is being made possible by Mr.