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Steinbach, also a poet and the distinguished editor of the
ish Book Annual
Jewish Bookland.
The judges have selected for this year’s award Harold Schim-
mel for his English translation of the Hebrew
Songs of Jeru ­
salem and Myself,
by Yehuda Amichai, published by Harper
and Row. Yehuda Amichai is recognized not only as a leading
Israeli poet but has been acclaimed as a world major poet. Har­
old Schimmel, himself a poet, produced a masterful translation
of this book. This month the first collection of his own Hebrew
poems was published in Tel Aviv, and he is currently at work
on a book of essays and translations of Hebrew writers who lived
and wrote outside Eretz Yisrael. Schimmel was bom in New Jersey
in 1935 and now resides in Jerusalem. According to one of our
judges, Dr. Steinbach, “the lyrics are couched in a distinctive
style of cultivated simplicity: colloquial, direct, well modulated
language, totally stripped of ornateness. Thus a credibility is
generated which is the seal of poetic authenticity.”
This year we are inaugurating a new award for a book on Israel.
Considering the plethora of books published annually on Israel,
it is most fitting that such an award be available, and we are
grateful to the Morris J . Kaplun Memorial Foundation for es­
tablishing it. Morris J. Kaplun was a merchant in Poland until
his business was destroyed by the Nazis. He finally settled in the
United States where he again became a substantial merchant.
He was the benefactor of the Institute of Applied Mathematics
and Space Physics both at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
and the Tel Aviv University. The Kaplun Foundation annually
provides substantial prizes for fellowships and scholarships at
the Hebrew University.
The judges for this award were Mrs. Sylvia Landress, director
and librarian of the Zionist Archives and Library; Dr. Howard
M. Sachar, professor of history at George Washington Univer­
sity, and Dr. Marie Syrkin, formerly professor of English at
Brandeis University and a member of the Jewish Agency Exec­
The judges were unanimous in selecting for the award Pro­
fessor Isaiah Friedman for his book
The Question of Palestine,
1914-1918: British-Jewish-Arab Relations,
published by Schock-