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en Books. Dr. Friedman is a graduate of the Hebrew University
in Jerusalem and the London School of Economics and Political
Science. He was a research fellow of the Institute of Contem­
porary Jewry at the Hebrew University and the recipient of a
number of fellowships and awards. He is currently professor of
modern Jewish history and political science at Drospie Univer­
sity. Among his fellowships and awards were those received from
the American Philosophical Society and the American Academy
of Jewish Research.
Readers concerned with Israel and Zionism will find his book
of great interest. In
Question o f Pa lestine
Professor Fried­
man has made use of important documentary and archival ma­
terial not previous available, to provide a clear understanding
of international relations in the Middle East during the First
World War. One of the highlights of the book is his revelation
of the true motivation of British policy towards the Zionist move­
ment when the Balfour Declaration was issued. The book has
been highly praised by reviewers in many countries. Dr. Fried­
man is currently working on another book entitled
G ermany ,
Turkey and Zionism, 1897-1918,
based on German foreign of­
fice documents and other unpublished material.
The Frank and Ethel S. Cohen Award for a Book on Jewish
Thought is presented annually by the Esco Foundation as a
memorial to the late Frank Cohen and in honor of Mrs. Ethel
S. Cohen, one of our outstanding Jewish communal leaders and
a past vice-president of the Jewish Book Council.
The distinguished judges for the Jewish thought award were
Dr. Joseph L. Blau, professor of religion, Columbia University;
Dr. Nahum N. Glatzer, former chairman of the Department of
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University; Dr.
Seymour Siegel, professor of theology at The Jewish Theolog­
ical Seminary of America; Prof. Irving Greenberg, chairman of
the Jewish Studies Department of City College, and Dr. Ben
Zion Bokser, a noted scholar and author.
The recipient of this award is Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz. Rabbi
Borowitz is professor of education and Jewish religious thought
at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and
also visiting professor of Jewish studies at City College of New