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York and visiting professor of religion at Princeton University.
In recent years he founded and serves as editor of the bi-weekly
Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Responsibility.
Dr. Borowitz is also
vice-president of the Religious Education Association of Amer­
ica and a trustee of the Center for Ecumenical Research of the
Benedictine Order.
The award-winning book is entitled
The Mask Jews Wear:
The Self-Deceptions of American Jewry,
published by Simon
and Schuster. In
The Mask Jews Wear,
Dr. Borowitz seeks to
expose the rationalizations which conceal the true essence of
Judaism. It is a book one reads with pleasure and satisfaction,
providing a rewarding learning experience. It limns for the Jew
comfortable in his Jewishness, the portrait of an affirmative Jew,
what he believes and practices. For the uncommited Jew, whom
Dr. Borowitz characterizes aptly as the new Marrano, he cogent­
ly points the way back to self-acceptance as a Jew and to ful­
fillment. It is a book written with erudition and conviction that
merits wide reading. Dr. Borowitz states: “If we will to be Jews,
if we make our Jewishness our means of facing existence, then
every part of our lives will be Jewish.”