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Jewish Book Council of the
National Jewish Welfare Board
J ew i s h B o o k M o n t h
(November 16th to December 16th) in 1973
marked the culmination of the year-long celebration of Israel’s
25th anniversary. The theme, “Israel: Land of the Book,” per­
meated the program resources issued by the Council to assist
more than two thousand groups in planning programs for Jew­
ish Book Month. It was evident that the observance of Jewish
Book Month was not only more widespread than usual but also
seemed to be more intensive than in any previous year. More
elaborate and more meaningful programs were conducted by all
types of organizations throughout the country with an increas­
ing number of book fairs sponsored by Jewish community cen­
ters and synagogues. An intensive public relations campaign re­
sulted in news stories and a number of feature articles, particu­
larly in the English-Jewish and Yiddish press.
The Jewish Book Council, in cooperation with the Depart­
ment of Education and Culture of the World Zionist Organiza­
tion and the JWB Lecture Bureau, arranged to bring Aharon
Megged, the noted Israeli author, to this country for a lecture
tour during Jewish Book Month. He was warmly received in
many communities where arrangements were made for him to
A new publication was prepared describing authors and lit­
erary critics available for lectures in local Jewish communities
during Jewish Book Month. Prepared in cooperation with the
JWB Lecture Bureau, this publication included the subjects of
the lecturers and biographical information.
The value of the
Jewish Book Annual
as a permanent reposi­
tory of Jewish literary creativity has by this time been firmly
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