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established. Since 1956 Dr. A. Alan Steinbach has conscientious­
ly served as the editor of the
Annual, bringing
to it his unique
editorial abilities. Philip Goodman since 1944 has continued as
the managing editor. The associate editors of volume 32 were
Hyman B. Bass, Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz, Dr. Menahem G. Glenn,
Dr. Jacob Kabakoff and Dr. I. Edward Kiev.
In recent years the Council has enjoyed the support of a num­
ber of individuals and foundations who have assured the finan­
cial stability of the
Particular mention should be made
of Dr. I. Edward Kiev, president of the Israel Matz Foundation,
Harry Starr, president of the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation,
and Dr. Gilbert Klaperman, Dr. Judah Nadich and Dr. A. Alan
Steinbach; the three last-mentioned are past presidents of the
The Editorial Advisory Board of the
Jewish Book Annual
already initiated plans for volume 33 to be published in August,
1975. It will feature articles dealing with American Jewish lit­
erature on the occasion of the United States bicentennial cele­
Jewish Bookland
is the Council’s most widely disseminated pub­
lication. Approximately 17,000 copies of each issue are distrib­
uted to key Jewish leaders and others interested in books of
Jewish interest.
Jewish Bookland,
the only periodical which
earnestly attempts to review all English books of Jewish inter­
est published in this country, as well as selected Hebrew and
Yiddish books issued here and abroad, is widely used as a guide
for the selection of books both by individuals and by institu­
tional libraries. Under the editorship of Dr. A. Alan Steinbach,
the periodical is well received throughout the country. Philip
Goodman serves as associate editor and Toby Shneibaum as
managing editor. The editorial advisory board consists of Dr.
Eugene B. Borowitz, Dr. Jacob Kabakoff and Dr. Sol Liptzin.
During the past year the Council issued the following new pub­
Selected Bibliography on the Holocaust,
prepared by Lucy
S. Dawidowicz