Page 203 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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Contributors and Editors
D in a A b ram ow icz ,
librarian, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research,
New York.
H ym a n B . B ass ,
executive director, Congress for Jewish Culture; au­
thor of
Schreiber un Werk;
editor of the three-volume
R i c h a r d B o r g e r s e n ,
library director, Jewish Braille Institute of Amer­
ica, New York.
D r . E u g en e B . B o r o w i t z ,
president, Jewish Book Council; editor,
professor of education and Jewish religious thought, He­
brew Union College-Jewish Institute of
R e l ig io n .
D e b o r a h B r o d ie ,
reviewer for the children’s book committee
o f
Child Study Association; managing editor,
Conservative Judaism.
D av id D e N o l a ,
editor, Jewish Student Press Service.
D r . E l i z a b e th
E p p l e r ,
senior research officer, Institute of Jewish
Affairs, London, England.
D r . H a r o l d F i s ch ,
professor of English, Bar-Ilan University, Israel;
latest publication is a book on S. Y. Agnon.
D r . J a c o b F re id ,
executive director, Jewish Braille Institute of Amer­
ica, New York.
D r . M en ah em G . G l e n n ,
author of
Israel Salanter: Religious-Ethical
Ari lbn-Zahav: Novelist and Poet of Jerusalem
(Hebrew); contributor to Hebrew, Yiddish and Jewish-American
D r .
D . G o i t e in ,
member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton,
N .J.; emeritus professor of Islamics, Hebrew University, Jerusa­
lem, and former director of its Oriental Department.
P h i l ip G oodm an ,
executive secretary, Jewish Book Council; author
Illustrated Essays on Jewish Bookplates
The Sukkot and Sim-
hat Torah Anthology.
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