Page 44 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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T he purpose of the Jewish Student Press Service is to faci­
litate a complete and ongoing communication between pub li­
cations and to supply the editors with feature and graphic ma­
terial they would not ordinarily have time to obtain as full­
time students. This type of material usually does no t appear
in the general Jewish press; thus, the Press Service offers a
unique opportunity for students to view issues and events from
an in-depth and genuinely different perspective.
Recently the Governing Board of the Press Service (made up
entirely of active editors of the member publications) mandated
the staff to reach out into the larger Jewish community and
make student press material available.
Already several newspapers from the general Jewish press,
The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle,
St. Louis Jew­
ish Light,
Women’s American O R T Reporter,
have made
use of Jewish student press material.
Hopefully, the Jewish student press will continue to have
an important effect on Jewish public opinion.