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manic and Slavic Languages, 1943-1958, and Professor of Com­
parative Literature, 1948-1963. He was also Visiting Professor at
Northwestern University, University of California at Los Angeles,
Yeshiva University, and Bar-Ilan University. In Israel, where he
has made his permanent home in Jerusalem, Dr. Liptzin was
Fulbright Lecturer at Tel-Aviv University (1962-63) and Roths­
child Lecturer at Technion (1963-64). He was Professor and
Chairman of the Faculty of the Humanities at the American Col­
lege in Jerusalem (1968-1974). These weighty responsibilities did
not prevent him from serving as Department Editor,
pedia Hebraica,
and as Divisional Editor,
Encyclopedia Judaica
I t is noteworthy that, soon after he became Chairman of the
Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages at C.C.N.Y.,
Professor Liptzin won over the authorities to the idea that
Yiddish was basically a Germanic language with a literature of
considerable value and that it merited being taught at the col­
lege level. The Yiddish courses were directed by Max Weinreich,
founder in 1925 of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, and
for the next quarter-century Yiddish gained steadily in prestige
and in recognition in American universities and at international
meetings of linguists. Dr. Liptzin’s valiant efforts in promoting
Yiddish as a language and as a meritorious literature are far
beyond compute. His keen insight prompted him to shed light
upon Yiddish writers who, unlike some of their American Jewish
counterparts, remained inextricably attached to their heritage
and to the joys and sorrows of the Jewish people.
Dr. Liptzin’s dynamism and total dedication to his people and
his Jewish legacy are further attested by his leadership in sig­
nificant organizations and movements: National Chairman, Jew­
ish State Zionists of America (1936-37); Academic Secretary of
YIVO (1933-1964); President, College Yiddish Association (1945-
1960) ; Chairman, Commission on Jewish Affairs, American Jew­
ish Congress (1960-1964); Chairman of Administration, Great
Dictionary of the Yiddish Language (1958-1964); President of
the Jewish Book Council of America (1952-1954) and Editor of
Jewish Book Annual
(1953-1955); Founder and Chairman of
the Jewish Book Council’s Israel Branch (1963-1975); current
reviewer of Yiddish books for
Jewish Bookland,
and current
member, Editorial Advisory Board,
Jewish Book Annual.