Page 146 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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presidency of Israel became an institution around which all
could gain sympathetic hearing and where all could join in joy.
Shazar fashioned the presidency into a mighty instrument for
the advancement of
ahavat Yisrael
(love of Israel).
The political controversies and achievements of past genera­
tions fade from memory and the leaders of one era are fre­
quently forgotten in the next. But men attached to eternal
values are unique personalities who are remembered. Zalman
Shazar bore a heavy burden of mourning but he remained an
optimist; he rehabilitated the messianic ideal and made it rele­
vant to the twentieth century; he personified the responsibility
of the Jew to transmit the heritage of Sinai, and he contributed
prodigiously to the unity of the Jewish people. He was a brilliant
morning star whose light did not dim as he soared exquisitely
to the celestial realm.