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the vestibule, that you may enter the drawing room.” A con­
temporary poet paraphrased this dictum: “Death is the waiting
room where we robe ourselves for immortality.” In the past year
one of our revered colleagues, Moshe Starkman, put aside his
raiment of mortality and passed through death’s portal to im­
Moshe Starkman, a founder of the Jewish Book Council, was
former editor of the Yiddish section and associate editor of the
Jewish Book Annual,
and a contributor to
Jewish Bookland.
prolific Yiddish and Hebrew writer, he was city editor of the now
New York Day-Morning Journal,
editor of
a Yiddish poetry anthology and associate editor of the
of New Yiddish Literature.
He was a former president of the
Yiddish Pen Club and a director of the YIVO Institute for
Jewish Research and of the Congress for Jewish Culture.
Of Moshe Starkman, valiant colleague in the field of Yiddish
and Hebrew letters, we say with bowed heads:
yehi zikhro barukh.
In his
Ben Mishle
Samuel ha-Nagid wrote: “Ingratitude to
man is ingratitude to God,” and the poet Thomas Gray wrote
in his “Ode to Music” : “Sweeter yet than music’s fall/is the still,
small voice of gratitude.”
We voice our profound gratitude to the following who helped
make possible the publication of this volume of the
Jewish Book
our sponsor, the National Jewish Welfare Board; the
Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, whose generous annual contri­
bution comes to us through our esteemed colleague and Editorial
Board member, Mr. Harry Starr; the Israel Matz Foundation
whose president, Dr. I. Edward Kiev, is our Associate Editor and
for many years a dynamic leader in the Jewish Book Council.
Rabbi Judah Nadich, our past president, again merits special
kudos for his unstinting cooperation and encouragement. Our
Managing Editor, Rabbi Philip Goodman, has as usual been a
tower of strength and inspiration to all of us. Blessed with the
fine qualities of patience, understanding and devotion to duty,
he is truly a blessing to the editors, the Editorial Advisory Board,
and the Executive Board.