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Jewish Literary Anniversaries
h i s
y e a r
w e
f o c u s
o u r
attention on some of the important
Jewish periodicals that have been published in the past century
and have had a profound influence on various aspects of Jewish
the foremost Hebrew journal in its time, edited
by Ahad Ha-Am and Joseph Klausner, was the guiding light
for the Jewish intellectuals, using Hebrew as their medium.
A different audience was addressed by the
Juedische Rundschau
in Germany, where Zionism was an extremely controversial issue
and all the powers of persuasion of its editors were used to help
bring about a change in the point of view of German Jewry on
the Jewish renaissance in the ancient homeland. The
sches Wochenblatt fuer die Schweiz
has served a smaller Jewish
community, keeping it in touch with the momentous events of
Jewish life over the past three quarters of a century, while
chronicling at the same time the news of the Swiss Jewish
H ed ha-Hinukh,
the organ of the Israel Teachers Federation,
has filled an important need in the growing Jewish community
in Palestine over the past 50 years.
Eretz Yisrael
brings significant
archaeological studies before the Israeli public.
One of the most fascinating figures in Jewish history is Shab-
bathai Zebi. His influence on the religious life of the Jews in his
time and in subsequent generations cannot be underestimated.
His contemporary, Abraham Samuel Koidanover, was a more
conventional figure, offering leadership after the great upheavals
of his time.
A hundred years later Menahem Mendel Levin faced the
problems of his age in a different manner, anticipating the trend
toward modernism and enlightenment. One of his opponents
was Eleazar Fleckeles, who upheld tradition without compromise.
Among more recent scholars we remember Kaufmann Kohler,