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life of the Jews in his native area are particularly characterized
by realism of description.
She ldon Haas B la n k 80th birthday. Born in Mt. Carmel, 111., Sep­
tember 17, 1896. For nearly ha lf a century he has been professor
of Bible at the Hebrew U n ion College in C incinnati, where gen ­
erations of Reform rabbis have been his students. In add ition to
many scholarly articles he has written
P rophe tic Faith in Isaiah
Jerem iah, Man and P roph e t
(1961) as well as the more
Understand ing the P rophe ts
A b r a h am C a h a n
25th anniversary of death. Born near Vilna in 1860,
died in New York, August 31, 1951. Coming to this country as a
young man, he eventually became the editor of the
Jewish Da ily
the major Yiddish daily in this hemisphere. In this
capacity he exerted a tremendous influence on the immigrants,
who read his paper. In addition to an important autobiography in
Yiddish, part of which was published recently in English transla­
tion under the title,
T he Education of Abraham Cahan
he also wrote a novel about the garment business,
D a v id L ev in sky
(1917, reprinted 1960) and
The Im p o r ted B r idegroom , and o ther
Ghe tto Stories
(1898, reprinted 1968).
H i r s c h P e r e z C h a j e s
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Brody,
Galicia, October 13, 1876, died in Vienna in 1927. At the time of
his death he was chief rabbi of Vienna. As a preacher and as a
Zionist leader he had won for himself great acclaim. Several col­
lections of his sermons and addresses were published posthumously
in German, also one volume in Hebrew translation. In his younger
years he had served as rabbi in Italy, where he had edited
Italian Zionist magazine. Among his scholarly works was
edition of Solomon ben ha-Yatom’s Commentary on
M o ’ed Ka tan .
W i l l i a m C h om s k y
80th birthday. Born in Russia, January 15, 1896.
For many years professor of Hebrew at Gratz College in Phila­
delphia, he has authored various text-books for Hebrew students
and also
H eb rew , the E terna l Language
(1957), which he also
translated into Hebrew. He likewise translated the
M ikh la l,
Hebrew grammar of the 12th century scholar David Kimhi into
B e n z i o n E i s e n s t a d t
25th anniversary of death. Born in Russia in
1873, died in Brooklyn, New York, August 31, 1951. In this coun­
try as a rabbi since the turn of the century, he published several
volumes of biographies of rabbis in Hebrew, also an album of
rabbinic portraits, in addition to numerous sermons in Hebrew,
as well as a collection of responsa.
E r e t z Y i s r a e l
25th anniversary of founding. A serial publication of