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the Israel Exploration Society, first published June 17, 1951. Deal­
ing with the archaeology and history of Palestine, each volume,
dedicated to a prominent scholar in this field, it counts among its
contributors both Israeli and foreign specialists in this area. While
the major part of the articles is in Hebrew, a smaller section of
each volume also includes studies in English.
A v r a h a m E v e n - S h o s h a n
70th birthday. Born in Minsk, Russia, Decem­
ber 25, 1906. In Palestine since 1925, he has headed a teachers
training institute for a number of years and has been otherwise
active in the field of education. His most important work is a
Hebrew dictionary that has been published in several updated
editions and is generally recognized now as the current standard
in the field. He also has enriched Israel’s children’s literature with
original works and translations.
M o r d e c a i E z r a h i
25th anniversary of death. Born near Ekaterinoslav,
Russia, in 1862, died in Tel-Aviv, October 1, 1951. Active as a
teacher and Zionist in Russia, he emigrated to Palestine in 1897
and became a pioneer in Jewish education there, eventually teach­
ing at a teachers institute in Tel-Aviv. He likewise was one of
the founders of the Teachers Federation in Israel and contributed
to its various periodicals. In addition to numerous text-books, he
prepared a great many translations of foreign works covering a
wide range of topics.
E l e a z a r F l e c k e l e s
150th anniversary of death. Born in Prague in
1754, died there April 27, 1826. The successor of Ezekiel Landau
as chief rabbi of Prague, then one of the most prestigious rabbinic
positions in Europe, he had to contend with the modem spirit
that manifested itself in the Haskalah in Germany. An outstanding
preacher he opposed the new trends, including Moses Mendels­
sohn’s translation of the Bible into German. Other rabbinic works
of his included collections of responsa.
B e r n h a r d F r ie d b e r g
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Cracow,
December 19, 1876, died in Tel-Aviv in 1961. After working in
Jewish book stores in Germany, he established himself as diamond
dealer in Antwerp, coming to Israel after the Holocaust. Through­
out his life, however, he was devoted to the Hebrew book, pub­
lishing histories of Hebrew printing in various parts of Europe,
also histories of scholarly Jewish families, such as the Horowitz and
Shor families. His major achievement is the four-volume bibliogra­
phy of Hebrew books (1950-56), which is the most extensive listing
of Hebrew books available anywhere.
I s r a e l G o l d s t e i n
80th birthday. Born in Philadelphia, June 18, 1896.
A prominent Conservative rabbi and Zionist leader for many