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years, he now lives in Israel, where he has been working with the
Jewish Agency. His writings reflect his busy life as preacher and
communal leader. Several volumes of his sermons and addresses
have been published in English as well as in Hebrew. Of special
interest is the history of Congregation B’nai Jeshurun, the second
oldest synagogue in New York, whose spiritual leader he was for
S o l o m o n G r a y z e l
80th birthday. Born in Russia, March 1, 1896. As
editor of the Jewish Publication Society of America and of the
Jewish Book Annua l
for many years, he has exerted great influence
in bringing serious works of Jewish interest to the Jewish reading
public. His two popular works,
A H isto ry of the Jews from the
Baby lon ian Ex ile to the Present
(19682) and
A H is to ry of Con­
temporary Jew ry from 1900 to the Presen t
(1961), have been used
in study groups throughout the country. A scholarly work of his
T he Church and the Jeios in the XH I th Century
(19662) .
A b r a h a m M e i r H a b e r m a n n
75th birthday. Born in Zurawno, Poland,
January 7, 1901. As a librarian of the very fine collection of He­
brew books and manuscripts assembled by Salman Schocken, first
in Germany, then in Jerusalem, he has devoted his literary work
to the history of the Hebrew book and to Hebrew bibliography and
printing. Recently, a collection of his articles on Jewish bibliogra­
phers and scholars was published. In addition to studies in Jewish
liturgy and editions of medieval Hebrew poetic classics, he also
edited texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the original.
E l i e H a l p h o n H a l e v y
150th anniversary of death. Born in Fuerth,
Germany, in 1760, died in Paris, November 5, 1826. As a young
man he went to France and became a cantor at the principal
synagogue in Paris, where a hymn of praise for Napoleon by him
attracted great attention. He likewise edited a French Jewish
periodical and wrote a Jewish catechism.
S h o s h a n n a h H a l e v y
70th birthday. Born in Safed, Israel, May 30,
1906. For many years on the staff of the Hebrew University Li­
brary, she has made an outstanding contribution to Hebrew book-
lore by preparing a bibliography of Hebrew books printed in
Jerusalem from 1841, the first time, strange as it may seem, Hebrew
books were printed there, till 1891.
M o r d e c a i H a l t e r
70th birthday. Born in Kolo, Poland, May 3, 1906.
Active in the Labor Zionist movement in Poland and editor of its
magazine before World War II, he arrived in Palestine in 1941.
After working in a kibbutz, he became a teacher. His years of
preparation for settlement in Palestine are reflected in one of
his works first published in Yiddish and then translated by him­