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self into Hebrew. He also has published commentaries to various
Biblical books, such as the Song of Songs and edited a memorial
volume for the Jewish community of his home town.
J a c o b H a m b u r g e r
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Loslau, Ger­
many, November 10, 1826, died in Strelitz in 1911. For many years
chief rabbi of the Grand-Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, he is
best remembered as the author of the first completed modern
Jewish encyclopedia,
Rea lencyc lopaed ie des Juden thum s
edition 1896). Although it covered only Biblical and Talmudic
subjects, it was very useful until it was superseded by more com­
prehensive works.
H e d h a -H i n u k h
50th anniversary of founding. The first issue ap­
peared December 10, 1926. It has been published by the Hebrew
Teachers Federation of Israel ever since. In the period before the
establishment of Israel, the teachers occupied a particularly im­
portant place in the Jewish community. It has reflected all the
educational problems attendant to a pioneer community and also
the material difficulties of the teachers in such a society.
I s a a k H e i n e m a n n
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Frankfurt am
Main, June 5, 1876, died in Jerusalem in 1957. Until 1938 he
served as professor of Jewish philosophy at the Jewish Theological
Seminary of Breslau and also as editor of the
Monatsschrift fuer
die Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Juden tum s,
the scholarly peri­
odical of German Jewry. His studies dealt with Philo, about whom
he wrote a major work in German. In Israel he served as teacher
at the Mizrachi Teachers’ Institute and wrote a Hebrew work,
T a ’ame ha-M itzvot,
on the reasons for the commandments, which
also appeared in a French version.
Israelitisches W ochenb la tt fuer d ie Schweiz
75th anniversary of
founding. Published in Zurich, the largest city and Jewish com­
munity in Switzerland, it is an important link of this rather small
Jewish community with the rest of world Jewry. As such it has
fulfilled its task admirably well. Especially during World War II,
when Switzerland was an island in the Nazi sea, it performed an
important function as a listening post.
M a n u e l J o e l
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Birnbaum, Ger­
many, October 19, 1826, died in Breslau in 1890. A moderate
Reform rabbi in Breslau and teacher of philosophy at the rabbini­
cal seminary there, he studied the medieval Jewish philosophers
and tried to determine the extent of the influence of Greek and
Arabic philosophy on their thought. He likewise published vol­
umes of sermons and also edited a liberal prayerbook, in which