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translated some of the books of the Bible into idiomatic Yiddish,
as opposed to the archaic earlier Judeo-German versions.
I s a a c L e w i n
70th birthday. Born in Wieliczka, Poland, January 14,
1906. An ordained rabbi and lawyer in Poland, he came to this
country in 1941 and has been professor of Jewish history at Yeshiva
University and also has represented the Agudath Israel, the world
federation of Orthodox Judaism, before the United Nations. In
Poland he published works on Polish law and constitutional his­
tory. While he has presented several collections of his addresses
before the United Nations, dealing with religious freedom, his
major work is a multi-volume collection of biographies of rabbis
and scholars who perished during the Holocaust. This work is
published in Hebrew.
L u d w ig L e w y s o h n
75th anniversary of death. Born in Schwersenz,
Germany, in 1819, died in Stockholm, Sweden, March 26, 1901. He
served as rabbi in Worms, Germany, and in Stockholm, Sweden.
His major work is a zoology of the Talmud in German. He also
published collections of sermons in Swedish, a collection of epi­
taphs of the ancient Jewish cemetery in Worms, and many learned
articles in the Hebrew press of his generation.
E u d e L o l l i
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Gorizia, Italy, August
23, 1826, died in Padua in 1904. Rabbi in Padua and teacher at
the local rabbinical seminary, eventually instructor at the local
university, he wrote a Hebrew grammar, a dictionary of rabbinic
Hebrew in Italian, and a study of the Cabala. He likewise con­
tributed to Hebrew journals, such as the
J a c o b R a d e r M a r c u s
80th birthday. Born in Connelsville, Pa., March
5, 1896. As professor of American Jewish history and founder and
director of the American Jewish Archives at the Hebrew Union
College in Cincinnati, he has made outstanding contributions in
his field. His voluminous writings have brought otherwise inacces­
sible documents and memoirs of American Jews to a wide reading
public. The American Jewish Archives for a generation has col­
lected innumerable items bearing on the history of the American
Jews. The publication of its catalogue a few years ago opened up
new vistas to the researcher. His own recent publications include
T he Colon ial American Jeiv, 1492-1776
(1970), 3 vols. and
to Scientific A r tic les on American Jewish H isto ry
B e n j a m i n M a z a r
70th birthday. Born in Ciechanowiec, Poland, June
28, 1906. After academic studies in Germany he settled in Pales­
tine in 1929, serving as secretary of the Palestine Archaeological
Society, eventually becoming professor of archaeology at the He­
brew University. He has published numerous studies about his