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archaeological expeditions and also served as chairman of the
board of editors of the five-volume
Views of the B ib lica l World
(1958-61) which illustrates the Biblical texts with the sites and
archaeological finds appropriate to them.
A b r a h a m
M i l l g r a m
75th birthday. Born in Russia, February 1,
1901. A Conservative rabbi and educator, he has served as educa­
tional director of the United Synagogue of America. Among his
works are
An An tho logy of M ed iaeva l H eb rew L itera tu re
Sabbath , the Day of D e ligh t
(1944), and most recently
Worsh ip
(1971), a history of the Jewish prayerbook.
J u d a h L e ib N e v a k h o v i c h
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Leti-
chev, Russia, June 26, 1776, died in St. Petersburg in 1831. One of
the earliest Maskilim in Russia, he went as secretary to his rich
father-in-law to St. Petersburg, where he took part in the dis­
cussions about the status of the Jews with the Russian government.
In connection with that he published a work in Russian and He­
brew in defense of the Jews, also opposing the demand for their
conversion to Christianity. Nevertheless, he himself eventually con­
verted. His conversion was a great blow to the Haskalah, as he
had been looked upon as a promising leader of his people.
H i r s c h D a v id N o m b e r g
100th anniversary of birth. Born near War­
saw, April 4, 1876, died in Warsaw in 1927. He was a writer of
short stories in both Yiddish and Hebrew, although he devoted
more of his literary efforts to the former language. In addition he
wrote literary criticism of Yiddish literature. As a loyal disciple of
Peretz he dedicated several studies to him. He also was active in
Jewish community life in Warsaw, writing journalistic articles on
current problems for the Yiddish press and establishing a perma­
nent home for Yiddish writers in Warsaw, serving as president
of their federation.
M o s e s H i r s c h S e g a l
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Lithuania,
September 23, 1876, died in Jerusalem in 1968. Educated for the
rabbinate in England, he eventually became professor of Bible
at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Although most of his
Biblical studies are written in Hebrew, he also published works
in English, such as
A Grammar of M ishnaic H eb rew
T he
Pen ta teuch , Its Composition and Au thorsh ip
(1967), and
A Con­
cise Hebrew-English D ic tionary ,
that was reprinted many times.
S h a b b e t h a i Z eb i
300th anniversary of death. Born in Smyrna, Turkey,
in 1626, died in Dulcigno, Albania, September 10, 1676. Although
this Messianic pretender published no books on his own, the
literature that his controversial movement inspired, both in de­
fense and in opposition, makes him a part of Jewish literary