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history. He was in the irrational trend of Jewish thought, exempli­
fied by the Cabala, which reached back for centuries before his
time and continues to this very day, as the rational and the irra­
tional tendencies within Judaism contend for our attention.
80th anniversary of founding. The first issue of this im­
portant Hebrew magazine was edited by Ahad Ha-Am in October
1896, as the principal vehicle of his cultural Zionism, ceasing pub­
lication in 1926. In its time it was the most respected Hebrew
journal. Most of Ahad Ha-Am’s essays, some of which were later
translated into English, made their first appearance here. He con­
tinued to write for the magazine even after 1903, when Joseph
Klausner took over the editorship, which was shared for a while
by Hayyim Nahman Bialik. While Ahad Ha-Am had excluded
belletristic material to a large extent, Klausner published contri­
butions by Joseph Hayyim Brenner, Shalom Asch, and Zalman
Shneour. He also was hospitable to different political views. In
1920 the place of publication was moved from Odessa to Jerusalem.
M o r d e c a i
S o l o f f
75th birthday. Born in Russia, July 2, 1901. Now
a Reform rabbi in Los Angeles, he served as an educational di­
rector in various American synagogues. His trilogy of Jewish his­
tory text-books,
When the Jewish P eop le Was Young , H ow the
Jewish P eop le Grew Up ,
H ow the Jewish P eop le L ives T oda y
proved immensely popular throughout the country in years gone
by. Recently he has published a new series of texts,
T he Covenant
P eop le
(1973-1974), 2 volumes of which have appeared so far.
J o s e p h S t e i n h a r d t
200th anniversary of death. Born in Southern
Germany around 1720, died in Fuerth, Germany, August 7, 1776.
One of the major rabbinic scholars of the 18th century, he eventu­
ally became rabbi in Fuerth, then an important Jewish community.
He published a collection of responsa and notes on the Talmudic
Baba Batra.
M o s e s S t u d e n c k i
100th anniversary of death. Born in Zbarash, Ga­
licia, in 1806, died in Warsaw in 1876. A physician popular with
the Jewish population of Warsaw, he pioneered in popularizing
hygienic works in Hebrew.
G a b r i e l J o s e p h T a l p i r
75th birthday. Born in Stanislawow, Poland,
July 16, 1901. In Palestine since 1925, he has been editor of
an important Hebrew journal of arts and letters, since 1932. In
addition to several volumes of poetry, he has written about artists
and also edited several art albums. He has several translations to
his credit.
J a c o b T s u r
70th birthday. Born in Vilna, Russia, October 18, 1906.
For many years a prominent member of the Israeli diplomatic