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service, having been ambassador to France, he has written several
volumes describing his experiences, one having been translated
into English under the title,
Sunrise in Jerusalem
Z e r a h W a r h a f t i g
70th birthday. Born in Warsaw, February 2, 1906.
Trained as a lawyer in Warsaw, active in Jewish life there, he
came to this country during World War II and was connected
with the World Jewish Congress under whose auspices he pub­
lished several studies on the Jewish refugees. With the establish­
ment of Israel he settled there, eventually becoming minister of
religious affairs. Since that time he has written numerous Hebrew
essays on religion in Israel and on the relation of traditional Jew­
ish law to the law of the modern state.
E r i c W e r n e r
75th birthday. Born in Vienna, August 1, 1901. For
many years professor of Jewish music at the Hebrew Union College
in Cincinnati and New York, and after his retirement for some
time visiting professor at Tel-Aviv University, he has written ex­
tensively in his field, his major works being a biography of Felix
Mendelssohn and
T he Sacred Bridge,
discussing the relationship
between the Gregorian chant of the Catholic Church and tradi­
tional Jewish music. The latter work has been reprinted in part.
R a h e l Yanait-Ben-Zvi 90th birthday. Born in Malin, Russia, May
1886. In Palestine since 1908, she was one of the pioneer settlers.
Married to Itzhak Ben-Zvi, the second president of Israel, she
shared in his work. Her autobiography in English translation,
Com ing H om e
(1964), is important for the light it sheds on the
early period of the Jewish settlement in Palestine. She likewise
has assisted in the publication of the collected works of her hus­
B a r u c h Y a s h a r
80th birthday. Born in Komarno, Galicia, February
21, 1896. Trained as a rabbi in Poland, he went to Palestine in
1933. Publishing articles on religious topics in Torah journals in
Europe, he also wrote several works in Israel, including collections
of sermons, works on religious conduct for women, a commentary
on the
Pirke A v o t
(Ethics of the Fathers), a work about the Jewish
community of his home town Komarno, and historical notes on
the community of Acre, which he served as rabbi. He likewise
prepared a new edition of the sermonic work of the 17th century
Venetian preacher, Azariah Figo.
M o s e s M . Y o s h o r
80th birthday. Born in Ostrov-Mazovietsk, Poland,
November 23, 1896. A pupil of the Hofetz Chaim, Rabbi Israel
Meir Kahan, a great spiritual leader of Polish Jewry, he eventually
came to America to serve as rabbi here. He has written biographies
of his teacher in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English, the latter under