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the title,
Saint and Sage
(1937). During World War II, he pub­
Israel in the Ranks,
a religious guide for Jewish soldiers,
based on a similar Hebrew work, written by his master in Europe.
I s r a e l Z a n g w i l l
50th anniversary of death. Born in London in 1864,
died in Middlehurst, England, August 1, 1926. In his stories about
the immigrant Jewish settlement in London’s East End, such as
Ch ildren of the Ghe tto
(1892), he succeeded in bringing out the
conflict between the East European past and the new British
present that was raging in each of his characters, seeing both the
humor and the tragedy in their difficult situation. In
D reamers of
the Ghe tto
(1898) he sketched the lives of men like Spinoza and
Heine, who similarly had experienced this conflict, which signifi­
cantly had influenced their path in the world. Impressed by Amer­
ican freedom, he wrote a play
T he M e l tin g P o t
(1909), which was
very popular in its day, but even he realized that the future of
Jewry did not lie in assimilation. In fact he was one of the first
supporters of Theodor Herzl in England, securing for him his
first speaking engagement in London in 1896, although later on
breaking with him to found the Jewish Territorial Organization.