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American Jewish Non-Fiction Books*
A b e l , E r n e s t
The roots of anti-Semitism .
Rutherford, N.J., Fairleigh
Dickinson University Press, 1974. 288 p.
A b r a m o w i t z , M o l l y .
Elie W iesel: a bibliography.
Metuchen, N.J.,
Scarecrow Press, 1974. 206 p.
A d am s , L a u r a .
Norman Mailer: a comprehensive b ib liography.
Metuchen, N.J., Scarecrow Press, 1974. 131 p.
---- .
W ill the real Norman M a iler please stand up.
Port Washington,
N.Y., Kennikat Press, 1974. 274 p.
A g r e s s , H y m a n .
“ Why me?”
Carol Stream, 111., Creation House, 1974.
201 p.
An account of a rabbi’s faith rearing a son suffering from brain
A i n s z t e in , R e u b e n .
Jewish resistance in Nazi-occupied Eastern Eu rope
w ith a historical survey of the Jew as fighter and so ld ier in the
New York, Barnes &: Noble, 1974. 970 p.
Based on a comprehensive study of the sources in all European
languages, giving a critical assessment of the Polish underground
state and the Russian partisans.
A l b r i g h t ,
W. F.
Archaeology of Palestine and the B ib le.
Mass., American Schools of Oriental Research, 1974. 250 p.
Reprint of the 1935 third edition.
A l - H a r i z i , J u d a h B e n S o l o m o n .
The T ahkem on i
vo l. 2.
T r a n s , b y
Victor E. Reichert.
J e r u s a lem ,
1974. 443 p.
a n d
144 p.
H e b r ew .
The medieval Hebrew poetic work.
American Jewish Yearbook, vol.
75. Ed. by Milton Himmelfarb and
Morris Fine. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society; New York,
American Jewish Committee, 1974. 724 p.
A m ir , S h im e o n .
Israel’s d eve lopm en t cooperation w ith Africa, Asia
and L a tin America.
New York, Praeger, 1974. 156 p.
Complete statistics and analysis of the technical and social assis­
tance given by Israel.
* A number of books published abroad are also included.