Page 170 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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A n d e r s e n , F r a n c i s
The sentence in B ib lica l H ebrew .
The Hague,
Mouton, 1974. 209 p.
A study of syntax in the Hebrew Bible.
A p p e l , G e r s io n .
A ph ilosophy of m itzvo t: the religious-ethical concepts
of Judaism , the ir roots in bib lica l law and the oral trad ition .
York, Ktav, 1975. 288 p.
A r e n d t , H a n n a h .
Rahe l Varnhagen: the life of a Jewish woman: rev.
Trans, by Richard and Clara Winston. New York, Harcourt,
Brace &Jovanovich, 1974. 236 p.
The biography of the “salon Jewess” of Berlin in the beginning
of the 19th (century.
A s h t o r , E l i y a h u .
The Jews of Moslem Spain: vo l. 1.
Trans, by A.
Klein and J. M. Klein. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society,
1974. 469 p.
A v r i e l , E h u d .
Open the gates! a personal story of ‘illegal’ imm igra tion
to Israel.
New York, Atheneum, 1975. 369 p.
A firsthand account of the efforts to save Jews from the Holo­
caust by the “Mossad.”
B a c h r a c h , Y e h o s h u a .
M o ther of royalty .
Trans, from Hebrew by
Leonard Oschry. New York, Feldheim, 1974. 252 p.
An exposition of the Book of Ruth based on midrashic sources.
B a h y a B e n J o s e p h Ib n P a q u d a .
T he book of direction to the du ties
of the heart.
Trans, by Menahem Mansoor with Sara Arenson and
Shoshanna Dannhauser. Boston, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1974.
472 p.
A translation from the original Arabic text with an introduction
and notes.
B a r a c k , N a t h a n
T he Jewish way of life.
Middle Village, N.Y.,
Jonathan David, 1975. 208 p.
Explanations of various aspects of Judaism.
B a r n a r d , H a r r y .
The forging of an American Jew: the life and times
of Judge Julian W. Mack.
New York, Herzl Press, 1974. 346 p.
A biography of the federal court judge who also served as presi­
dent of the Zionist Organization of America and chairman of the
board of trustees of the Jewish Institute of Religion, closely asso­
ciated with Louis D. Brandeis and Stephen S. Wise.
B a r z i l a y , I s a a c .
Yoseph Shlomo D elm ed igo (Yashar of Candai): his
life, works and times.
L e i d e n , B r i l l ,
1974. 374
p .
An examination of the famous humanist physician of the 17th
century, his secular and mystical interests as a forerunner of the
later Jewish enlightenment.