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B a u e r , Y e h u d a .
M y bro ther’s keeper: a history of the American Jewish
Jo in t D istr ibu tion Comm ittee , 1929-1939.
Philadelphia, Jewish Pub­
lication Society, 1974. 350 p.
B e i n a r t , H a im .
Records of the trials of the Spanish Inqu is ition in
C iudad R ea l: vo l. 1.
B r i l l ,
1974. 638 p.
Detailed proceedings of fifty-seven cases with the names of all
who had a part in the trials.
B e n s io n , A r i e l .
T he Zohar in Moslem and Christian Spain.
New York,
Hermon Press, 1974. 256 p.
A reprint of the 1932 edition containing a study of the origins
of Jewish mysticism.
B e r g r e n , R i c h a r d
The proph e ts and the law.
New York, Hebrew
Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, 1975. 231 p.
An examination of the framework of the law in the Hebrew
prophets originally presented as a Ph.D. dissertation by the late
professor of Alfred University, New York.
B e r k o v i t s E l i e z e r .
M a jor themes in modern ph ilosoph ies of Judaism.
New York, Ktav, 1974. 248 p.
The author won a National Jewish Book Award for this volume.
B e r k o w i t z , W i l l i a m .
Conversations w ith
. . . New York, Bloch, 1975.
300 p.
Interviews and dialogues with leading personalities by the rabbi
of Cong. Bnai Jeshurun in New York.
B e r l e , M i l t o n .
Au tob iography .
With Haskel Frankel. New York, Dela-
corte Press, 1974. 337 p.
The life of the stage, screen, and television personality.
B e r m a n t , C h a im .
T he wa lled garden: the saga of Jewish fam ily life
and trad ition .
New York, Macmillan, 1975. 272 p.
A popular, illustrated introduction.
B i l l , J am e s
A., and
L e i d e n , C a r l .
The M idd le East: po litics and
Boston, Allyn &: Bacon, 1974. 287 p.
A political science textbook.
B ir n b a u m , P h i l i p ,
Prayer book for Sabbath and festivals: large type
ed ition .
New York, Hebrew Publishing Co., 1975. 372 p.
An attractive
siddu r
in Hebrew and English for those with poor
A n d r e .
A m illion Jews to save: check to the final so lu tion .
bury, N.J.,
A .
S. Barnes, 1975. 272 p.
B l e i c h , J . D a v id .
P rovidence in the ph ilosophy of Gersonides.
York, Yeshiva University, 1973. 141 p.
B o l i n g , R o b e r t
Judges: a new translation w ith in troduc tion and
Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1975. 338 p.
Latest’ volume in the
Anchor B ib le ,