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T he book of Isaiah: a new translation .
Drawings by Chaim Gross. Intro­
duction by H. Louis Ginsberg. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1973. 192 p.
This book won the Rabbi Jacob Freedman National Jewish Book
Award for a translation of a Jewish classic.
The book of Jerem iah: a new translation .
Woodcuts by Nikos Stavrou-
lakis. Introduction by Bernard J. Bamberger. Philadelphia, Jew­
ish Publication Society, 1974. 93 p.
B r a u d e , W i l l i a m
G., and
K a p s t e in , I s r a e l
J., trans.
Pesikta de-Rab
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1975. 592 p.
An English translation from the Hebrew and Aramaic of
midrashic discourses for the Sabbaths and festivals.
B r e c h e r , M i c h a e l .
Decisions in Israel’s foreign po licy .
New Haven,
Yale University, 1974. 675 p.
An examination of seven major events involving twenty-one
strategic and tactical decisions which the government of Israel had
to make.
B r o , M a r g u e r i t e
T he book you always w an ted to read.
C ity ,
N.Y., Doubleday, 1974. 418 p.
Book by book introductions and summaries of the Bible with a
running commentary on the history, geography and genealogies of
Bible times.
B r o n s t e i n , H e r b e r t .
A Passover Haggadah: the new Un ion Haggadah
of the Central Conference of American Rabb is .
New York, Gross­
man Publishers, 1974. 123 p.
Revised edition with illustrations by Leonard Baskin.
B u l k a , R e u v e n
The w it and w isdom of the Ta lm ud .
Mt. Vernon,
N.Y., Peter Pauper Press, 1974. 62 p.
C a h n , S am m y .
I shou ld care: the Sammy Cahn story.
New York, Arbor
House, 1974. 318 p.
Reminiscences of the Broadway composer and lyricist.
C a in e , L y n n .
W idow .
New York, Morrow, 1974. 222 p.
Insights into experiences following bereavement.
C a r o , R o b e r t
T he pow e r broker: R o b e r t Moses and the fa ll of
N ew York.
New York, Knopf, 1974. 1,246 p.
Critical biographical account of the activities of the former head
of the Triborough Bridge Authority and the parks of New York
City and the State of New York.
C h a p m a n , A b r a h a m ,
Jewish American litera ture: an an tho logy of
fiction , poe try , au tob iography and criticism.
New York, New Ameri­
can Library, 1974. 727 p.
C h a z a n , R o b e r t ,
R a p h a e l , M a r c L e e .
M odern Jewish h istory: a
source reader.
New York, Schocken, 1974. 381 p.