Page 173 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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C h i l l , A b r a h a m .
T he m itzvo t: the commandmen ts and the ir rationale.
New York, Bloch, 1975. 508 p.
The traditional interpretation of the 613 commandments in the
C h o m s k y , N o a m .
Peace in the M idd le East? reflections on justice and
na tionhood .
New York, Vintage, 1974. 198 p.
C h o u r a q u i , A n d r e .
The p eop le and faith of the B ib le .
Amherst, Mass.,
University of Massachusetts, 1975. 256 p.
A synthesis of the socio-economic-political and geographical back­
ground of the Biblical world portraying the total culture of ancient
times. Translated from French by William V. Gugli.
C o g g in s ,
R. J.
Samaritans and Jews.
Richmond, Va., John Knox, 1974.
176 p.
An examination of biblical and Jewish literary references with
results of archaeological finds shedding new light on the discord
between the Samaritans and the Jewish community.
C o g n i a t , R a y m o n d .
New York, Harry N. Abrams, 1975. 96
p .
A complete panorama of the Russian-French Jewish painter
Chaim Soutine who died in 1943 with reproductions of his work.
Cohen , A r th u r A.
Osip E. Mandelstam : an essay in an tiphon .
Mich., Ardis, 1974. 74
Criticism and interpretation of the Russian-Jewish poet.
Cohen , H enry .
Why Judaism? A search for meaning in Jewish iden tity .
New York, U n ion of American Hebrew Congregations,
1973. 171
C o h e n , S e y m o u r
J., ed. and trans.
Sefer Hayashar: the book of the
New York, Ktav, 1973. 298 p.
The vocalized Hebrew text with a modern English translation
of a thirteenth century Jewish ethical work.
C o m a y , J o a n .
Who’s who in Jewish history.
New York, David McKay,
1974. 448 p.
Biographical sketches of leading Jewish teachers and authors.
C o o k , R a y M .
Sing for fun : the com p le te co llection of original m elo­
dies and lyrics.
New York, Union of American Hebrew Congre­
gations, 1974. 475 p.
C o r d o v e r o , M o s e s .
T he pa lm tree of Deborah .
Trans, with Introduc­
tion and Notes by Louis Jacobs. New York, Hermon Press, 1974.
133 p.
C o r n f e l d , G a a l y a h .
I love Jerusalem: a comprehensive gu ide: 1973-74.
Tel Aviv, Bronfman, 1973. 181 p.
C o r r e , A l a n ,
Understand ing the Ta lmud .
New York, Ktav, 1975.
468 p.
The background of Talmudic teachings and the movements by
leading authorities.