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C r e n s h a w , J a m e s
L., and
W i l l i s , J o h n
T., eds.
Essays in O ld T esta ­
m en t ethics.
New York, Ktav, 1974. 287 p.
C r id e n , Y o s e f , a n d G e l b , S a a d ia .
T he k ibbu tz experience: dialogue in
K fa r Blum .
New York, Herzl Press, 1974. 277 p.
Two American pioneers give an intimate picture of the estab­
lishment of the kibbutz in Galilee, to which is added a list and a
map showing the locations of all kibbutzim in Israel as well as
statistical information.
C r o s b i e , S y l v i a K o w i t t .
A tacit alliance: France and Israel from Suez
to the Six-Day War.
Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1974.
304 p.
A study of the interplay of international politics in relation to
the Middle East tracing the rise of friendship between France and
C u d d ih y , J o h n M u r r a y .
The ordeal of c iv ility : Freud, Marx and Levi-
Strauss and the Jewish struggle w ith m odern ity .
New York, Basic
Books, 1974. 272 p.
The impact of three Jewish thinkers on European intellectual
D a l t o n , M a r g a r e t .
Andre Sinaivskii and Ju lii Dan ie l: two grea t Soviet
heretical writers.
Wurzburg, Germany, Jal-Verlag, 1973. 190 p.
D a s h e f s k y , A r n o l d ,
S h a p i r o , H o w a r d
E thn ic iden tifica tion
among American Jews: socialization and social structure.
ton, Mass., Lexington Books, 1974. 167 p.
Stressing the value of viable Jewish education, positive Jewish
experiences in the home and friends as the most significant ele­
ments involving Jewish identity.
D a v i s , M o s h e ,
The Yom K ip p u r war: Israel and the Jewish peop le .
New York, Herzl Press and Arno Press, 1974. 362 p.
A full report of the ideas and the interactions between Jewish
communities in the Diaspora and Israel after the War.
D a w i d o w i c z , L u c y
The war against the Jews,
1933-1945. New York,
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1975. 460 p.
A penetrating study of the Holocaust.
D a y a n , R u t h .
Crafts of Israel.
New York, Macmillan, 1974. 175 p.
An illustrated introduction to the modern artistic handicrafts.
B o e r ,
Father and mo therhood in Israe lite and Judean p ie ty .
B r i l l ,
1974. 57 p.
The Haskell Lectures delivered at Oberlin College in Ohio
showing the conception of God as found in post-exilic Jewish and
early Christian communities.