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D e s h e n , S h l o m o
A. and
S h a k e id , M o s h e .
The p red icam en t of home­
com ing: cultural and social life of N o r th African imm igrants in
Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell University, 1974. 251 p.
The religious and social customs of Judaeo-Arabic groups.
D i e n s t a g , J a c o b
I., ed.
Studies in M a imon ides and St. Thomas Aquinas.
New York, Ktav, 1975. 350 p.
Collected monographs on Jewish philosophy and medieval
D o b i n , A b r a h a m .
Fertile fields: recollections and reflections of a busy
New York,
A .
S. Barnes, 1974. 480 p.
Autobiography of a New Jersey Jewish farmer who was instru­
mental in organizing a farmers’ cooperative in Central Jersey.
D o b r in , A r n o l d .
A life for Israel: the story of Golda Meir.
New York,
Dial Press, 1974. 98 p.
D u b n o w , S im o n .
H istory of the Jews in Russia and Poland.
New York,
Ktav, 1975. 3 vols. 413, 429, 501 p.
Includes an outline of th history of Russian and Soviet Jewry
from 1912 to 1974 by Leon Shapiro.
D u k e r , A b r a h a m
G., and
B e n H o r i n , M e ir ,
Emancipa tion and
counter-emancipation'.essays from Jewish Social Studies.
New York,
Ktav and Conference on Jewish Social Studies, 1974. 413 p.
Contributions in modern Jewish sociology and intellectual
D u n s t o n , A l f r e d
G., Jr.
T he black man in the O ld T estam en t arid its
Philadelphia, Dorrance, 1974. 161 p.
A study of the references to the Negro race in the Bible.
E a r l e , A r t h u r .
The B ib le dates itself.
Southampton, Pa., 1974. 228 p.
A dating of biblical historical events based on the numerical
references in the Bible.
E c k m a n , L e s t e r S a m u e l .
Soviet po licy towards Jews and Israel
New York, Shengold, 1974. 95 p.
---- .
R eve red by all: the life and works of Israel M e ir Kagan-Hafets
H ayy im (1838-1933).
New York, Shengold, 1974. 214 p.
The ethical teachings of the famous rabbi and head of the
Yeshivah of Radin and the story of his life.
E f r o s , I s r a e l .
Studies in m ed ieva l Jewish ph ilosophy .
New York,
Columbia University Press, 1974. 269 p.
The philosophy of Saadia Gaon and studies in Hebrew philo­
sophical terminology.
E i c h h o r n , D a v id M a x .
Jewish intermarriages: fact and fiction.
Beach, Florida, Satellite Books, 1974. 180 p.
A reform rabbi’s study of the problem in the United States.