Page 211 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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The Jewish law of modesty in family relations, based on several
passages in the book of Genesis, compiled by Eleazor Brize.
ms*r ,.u n a n Vx-iv*5 nxa .m m naoa
.nupai mar onmip ay T ia a /ay ryp .r^wn n a rrt iv
Commentary on the Talmudic tractate
dealing with prayer,
by Rabbi Israel Garber of New York.
noi *
n n s w
p b n
, * i oi ’
’ a ’
n i a i v m
n i ^ i r
.p^pna .nVn in * .a nor nxa .y,"vn ’p^n nyaix
.Y'^wn ,*i*?n .’ .v
Responsa and comments on the
Shulhan Arukh,
by Joseph Yedid
Halevi, a rabbi, who died in Palestine in 1930 and had been a leader
of the Oriental Jewish community there.
nxa , a**n m i x i n y 7n 1 * ? y w i n n i n Vd
.n—x ja*o .x
. r^ v n narrow o^nxn oiai ,.\a .vomxraxn
/ay ,i"apn
A compilation of laws and comments on the beginning of the
Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim,
by Rabbi Israel Rabinowitz of New
.X’nnn nan *ai*to
ipnya . x n n n ‘i s o 1? n i a ^ n ’ o i p 1?
/ay t
T ip
/ i
,nnp /pVpnn
Notes on the major work of the founder of Habad Hasidism, Shneor
Zalman ben Baruch of Ladi, who lived at the turn of the 18th century,
by various of his disciples.
.a.x.a.x /p'rpnn .naio
*pr nxa .mxa m n
,*n a i o ’ Dip*?
.o’ p^n 'a
On the 613 commandments of the Torah, by Rabbi Joseph Leyb
Sofer of Hungary (1860 or 61-1918).
^naya nn:a nxa .onyiai n^n ,yiawn n w ia
b y
: n i n
’ v
’ D i p 1?
y "v
.“m aa .7 “pa .a *iao .Y'Vwn ,nnp ,p^pna .Tnxomx^v
On the portions of the week and on the festivals, by the present
leader of Habad Hasidism, Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schneorsohn of
Brooklyn. This volume deals with the Book of Numbers.
a"x /p .*r*?vn wM .Tx“ixa *joi* o«n nxa .maw mata ; ■»’ n n n aa
On various Jewish laws, by Hyman J. Barras, with an English section.