Page 212 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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nsoi 'n n xm ic i a *a*ay
n ^ o a
m ax ,x"nan m ax ,iana T a nwa n max lasoim .laxsi*? a^n
/a y r ^ p / r ’rtzm /won T a ^ p n a .nyoax’rxo ;?x“itr,» nxa noian
“The path of the upright,” the famous ethical work of Moses
Hayyim Luzzatto, the 18th century scholar and poet, who is regarded as
the founder of modern Hebrew literature. In this edition, as in many
others, ethical works by Moses Nahmanides, the Gaon of Vilna, and
Israel Salanter (Lipkin), the founder of the Musar (ethical) move­
ment in the 19th century, are added.
nxa nwa nnax nsoa ntfnw dwiw nxaa nnr ^ j n n a x ^ m y a
/a y r n ,r a
,.\a .r ix iw n*?n aio a r
A critique of the volume of responsa,
Igrot Mosheh,
of the highly
respected Rabbi Moses Feinstein of New York, by Rabbi Yom-Tov ha-
Levi Schwarz.
o r msom ,XToanaa y n
t o t s
ay : n i x i p a n a o a n i ’ a v a
.onna*r m s 1? aio o r m no n s o axax ^yi ,*?
x t
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.r 't o n , w n ,o
xs ’ 1? aita a r x ’ aan nxa
y ' i v
,T"o .a p is .a p*m
Volume 3 of a supercommentary on the Mishnah tractate
Mikva’ ot,
dealing with ritual baths, including the classic commentaries of Obadiah
of Bertinoro, as well as others, now newly explained by Rabbi Hanan-
iah Yom Tov Lipa Deutsch of New York.
onaai *?payns p n r *?x*nip* v,y op1?: . p V n i n p s o m x m o
n x r i m m
a n s o pap man /p^pna .w m x a y 1? ptna
/a y [T'ap]
/lx a o x o 'i
Talmudic and later Rabbinic sources on the
the ritual bath
of Orthodox Jews, compiled by Jekuthiel Isaac Frenkel and Menahem
Gershon Lebovitsh of the Yeshivah Torah ve-Yirah de-Satmar in
rap man ,r*
pna nynxna *ax /sytr *»"y op^a . n a n
’ a i o
/ay [n"ap] .n"*?vn nxaoxon nxTi mm naw n anso
A compilation of other material on the same subject by Isaiah Tsevi
Braver of the same Yeshivah.
/p ’rpna .w tm x a i^a nyan Dito nxa . v ' n y — o n a x a n
s o
/a y T"2n / i . i " t o n ,nnp
Sermons by Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Schneersohn (1860-1920), an
important link in the dynasty of the Habad Hasidic leaders.