Page 213 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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">onn n x ix ,p * ? p n a .n an y a n n a n v ,y -p y a . v ' a n □ * a n y n i s o
/ a y T/,l?nn .m m n ix — 'ia x a a i x n ix .a - p a . n '^ v n , cm
Volume 3 of the Habad encyclopedia, still devoted to the first letter
of the Hebrew alphabet.
nxa .pno i m^ann naaai pina nawna ’ pns : n *?a n a
’ ai ^y
/ay n"ap .n'^wn ,.\a .^ayr^x nva
Studies on the ideas and the structure of the prayerbook, by Rabbi
Moshe Eisemann.
.’ po’a nor ’as nxa .trnpn m a1? nxmna mVxw : n m n a □ ’ p n s
/ay n"x . r ,!?un ,nma
,p*?pna .tznna ms1? xx^
On teaching Bible and other religious subjects to young people, by
Rabbi Tsevi Joseph Myski.
D"a&Ti v'Em
nuw mxaa onanp
n ’ s nn n p a i p
nym ^Vpna .ppan na an nwa myt^a .jna ispnn x’aiona
/ay a"o .r^tzm .a^onoanp nosnn1?
Yeshivah lectures of Rabbi Moses Dov Ber Rivkin on the perqui­
sites of kohanim in the Jewish ritual, such as in the Redemption of
the First-Born, as discussed in the passage in the Talmudic tractate
Baba Metzia
and the commentaries thereon.
/p 'rpm a .an y a ayn y1? ‘p t r y n m m ’ n x a . i n ’ n a x o n
a i p
/ a y r o p . n w i p ’ a^aya D w r r m o m x - a .a p*?n
On the Talmudic order
mainly relating to sacrifices and
the dietary laws, by Rabbi Yehuda Levenberg of Brooklyn.
.n a ia ia*?T n ix^av n x a .m a a ,» n a o a *?y ? m v * a i m a r o n a a i p
.^xntr1? Vt
ny -piaa /ay r e
On the Talmudic tractate
dealing with the laws of levirate
marriage, by the late Shneor Zalman Garber.
nav nm np*?nn mxa pm nw a *.
m p n a t? n m o n d 3 i p
.n"ton ,nanan ,pVpna .pi? nyan oito nxa .imp
On the commandment to light the Sabbath candles, especially for
women, by Rabbi Shalom Dober Levin of Brooklyn.
.o"aam mnaoa *?y owvrm D’w a max w im t p n x 1’ n ’ n x v
/ay D"ap .Y'^tzm ,wtpnxpnxa
/pVpina .^D-nxp-ixa pnx’ nxa
Commentaries on the
of the Talmud and the
Mishneh Torah
of Maimonides, by Rabbi Isaac Markovits of Hungary (died 1923).
naoi miam ,pany /Qmar ,Tta ninsoa *?y :
*ai a n p n n is *v
.nnyn ay t sa n a ’ s ^y naivxnn aysa nix1? xxr .mxa nanVa
/ay nm .r^um
.d oisn ,.\a m^a inan nmm nva nxa