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Commentaries on several tractates of the Talmud from the Middle
Ages, some by unknown authors (including one by Bezalel Ashkenazi,
16th century Palestinian Talmudist) which had not been published
before. Also included in this collection is a part of an anti-Christian
polemic dating back to the 13th century and written by Meir ben
Simeon ha-Me’ili, of Narbonne, France, who engaged in disputations
with Christian adversaries; edited by Rabbi Moses Judah Blau, who
has published many rare Hebrew texts.
iron x rw *>t>
nx1? x s r .man1’ nsoa
:W"x- ) n n i s o i n
x"bp .Y'bvn
A new edition of the commentary on the Talmudic tractate
by Asher ben Jehiel, the famed Spanish Talmudist (ca. 1250-1328), pre­
pared by Shraga Wilman.
D’ ray ny i ?
" t ’ i x n a n taan
b y
yaw n x
s i
p 71 p n
lva toa i a^onna jam nxa O’xxr /D^x^sai
/ay r ’p .v to n ,aVo-n ’Ton
On the final recitation of the
before retiring at night in the
tradition of the 16th century Cabalist Isaac Luria, with “other marvel­
ous things” by Nahman of Bratzlav and his disciple Nathan of Bratzlav.
p i x i nxa . v i n ’ Vaaxi
’ - i ay
V *>
n n a - Q u n
/ay *rjn
.paean1? .x *nxnxi
“The new Bantam-Megiddo Hebrew 8c English dictionary, by Dr.
Reuben Sivan and Dr. Edward A. Levenston,” both teachers at higher
institutions of learning in Israel.
nxa .rYnoam minn nn
oViy ay nmp : ’ aw-n*>a n s i p n
/ay y"n
n b n w ,.\i
/pompon apy’
A history of the Jews during the period of the Second Temple for
young people from an Orthodox point of view by Jacob Gutkowski
(1870-1946), who was active in the Mizrachi Organization in Poland
and also as a religious educator, continuing his work in Palestine after
1937. This volume is vocalized and was published in an earlier edition
40 years ago. New introduction and supplements by Sidney B. Hoenig
and Jacob T . Hoenig.
nymx nannxai
*?xprrr nxa .bwiyt nnav j f p s n a n x
/ay 'a .T,l?vn / jxam
.x ^ p n a .x i:1? *?xiaw uaa a w m
ann ay -pma
Sermons by Ezekiel Landau, Chief Rabbi of Prague (1713-1793).