Page 216 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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Vv’s Dvn Hainan onsx ’a n a p ^nua nxa . ’ ^ n s a ’ an *?ma
nyv oy inina .
r y ♦mVvn ,nsio .s .x .a .x .’ ,]’Vpna .nsio
.’ ‘rnsa ’an oyi ’ ’rnsa
Another collection of sermons by Rabbi Naphtali Sofer.
nxa .D’a’T ’ i?os oy ,o” n mix anaa n s nso Vy mx’a *mn ia
.'ay x"p .r'^trn ,j’^pna .p’ vxa’ ix v ia ’1? rmrr
Commentary on Joseph ben Meir Teomim’s commentary on the
Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim
of Joseph Caro, by Judah Lebush Adima-
shik, first published in Europe over sixty years ago. Teomim wrote his
work in the 18th century.
t v
m a n mx’a imn ;vsa
D’ lvn onan M a i ’ a a i ’ n m
,n"’ p .[?] Y'Vvn ,|xany’na .’ .x ,.\a .ny^Vxap D” n nxa .n’ T v n
.D’B*T n*’ p
Meditations and historical notes for each day of the Jewish year,
by Chaim Knoller (1847-1927), owner of a printing press in Galicia.
’Vpna ,f’ vyn” x jnai.T nxa .D’nyiai minn- Vy j j n a i n ’ n m
/ay ms . r^ v n .ison n’n
Sermons on the weekly Torah portions and the holy days by Jona­
than Eybeschuetz (1690-1764), Chief Rabbi of Altona, Hamburg, and
Wandsbek, an important and controversial figure in his day.
.a ,
’^ n n .onv nva nxa .D’ v n ’n :anv nax ? n v a
’ n m
.□’an n"D ,r'a .[?] T'^vn nanaana
Comments on part of the Pentateuch and on several Talmudic trac­
tates by Moses Shoham, an 18th century Hasidic rabbi.
/yv» *?y D’ v im i xnaai ni’ava ^y D’ vrpn : D ’ nana
D ’ n m
x tb v n^a’^x ’nx nxa .mnx nnoa *?y v i t d i ’*?va ,o^nn
.T'Vvn neon n’n ,pVpina .mxan ’ayo ,D’xnn ’*?n r'ry noin’ai
,d’ s*t 'n
Notes on the Mishnah, Gemara, Isaiah, Psalms, Proverbs and on the
Pirke Avot
(Ethics of the Fathers), by Zevi Elimelech Spiro, a Hasidic
leader, who died in 1840.
,)xaa” n .*? .x ,pVpna .xna1? Vxpm’ nxa .mvm
j i t s
1? v n n
.71’x nnnx oy nnina /ay n"np .Y,l?vn
Another collection of sermons by Ezekiel Landau.
.T*?vn ,]ana .r ,p^pna . n a ’ x x n ’ py ’ nn v i n ’ n 1 v i m
/ay t
"’ v
Commentaries on several tractates of the Talmud, by Akiba Eger
(1761-1837), Chief Rabbi of Posen.