Page 217 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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nxa .nrnyi cnm n ^ i annx niaSn ^
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/ay x"o .rrton ,*pxv .v n ,p*?pnn / ’Vx in
On the four species for Sukkot, that is, the lulav, etrog and the
other parts bound up with it, by Israel Isaac Janowski, first published
in Warsaw in 1917.
#p^pna- .v’^x’ ^nx npy’ nxa .b*ottt : m i n n n p y ’ m m
.mw’ ton oyi m w ’ nn rcn’n oy -pma /ay
y'b .T'bwn
Sermons by Jacob Zebi Jolles (1778-1825), a learned Hasidic scholar
and devotee of the Cabala.
,p^pnn .’jam a” n pvav nxa .mtoaa warn n"ny ? p v a v y u
x,yn ,n"op .n"ton ,]xams .s .’
Commentary on the Pentateuch and the Five Scrolls, by Samson
Hayyim Nahmani, 18th century Italian Talmudist.
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.man pnnx I'ra’tot ’nx nxa . “in w ’ ’ i n ’ i ? n n
npy’ pint ayi m v ’ ton ay Tima /ay T'x
. v b v
n ,pVpnn .o"wa
.m im
Commentaries on four tractates of the Talmud by Zevi Elimelech
npy’ XTiri’ 7nx ’nx nxa . n p y ’ n r r n m m v m . m ^ x v
/ay n"ai ,n"’ p .r^ v n ,nn pan nn’V’ ,p*?pnn .vto”a
Responsa, by Rabbi Zebi Aryeh Judah Jacob Maizlisz of Lask,
Poland, first published by the author, 1903-1919.
'1 nn.v tzmpn
ip’nym ,’ "nn ” nn nxa . n i n n n m m n
.nnny n’nnwx p v 1?1? pnyj nym
xsna p i t s ay ,pnn
/ay r n n .[?]
,opxo .’ ^ p n n
The famous ethical work,
The Duties of the Heart,
by Bahya ben
Joseph ibn Pakuda of 11th century Spain, with a commentary and
Yiddish translation.
amnx nxa .a” n mix fn y tntov to? : a *rx n a v a a y a i x ” n
/ay Y'mn .Y'^wn nson n’n ,p*
pnn .rxaxn
The classic restatement of the laws in the
Shulhan Arukh Orah
of Joseph Caro, by Abraham Danzig (1748-1820), who lived
in Vilna. This was intended for laymen, with special emphasis on the
religious meaning of the laws and customs.
.jam ’m
/pnin’ va ayai i” na aya nsio’ nm : ) " i n i a ” n
/ay r y /x
.T'bwn ,nbom
n ’ on ^ p n n
Some biographical and legendary material as well as some Hasidic