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stories by and about Nahman ben Simhah of Bratzlav, who lived at
the turn of the 18th century and is considered one of the major figures
of Hasidism.
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amax nxa .nsn m r in y
n a s n
/ay r i p ,ron .
d ix
n ra
The same type of work on the
Shulhan Arukh Yoreh Deah,
Abraham Danzig.
/p^pra . r w ’ryanya -)
tzr> m nxa .nos ma1?.! : D ” n *pn
.D’S“r r a .rr^wn ,nma edsix oisn
On the laws of Passover, by Rabbi Judah Issachar Mermelstein, first
published in Hungary in 1924.
,p^pna ."ly’ iaiyooxa tpx p nxa .nos ma^n : i s p n n o s n npn
y ' i
.rrVwn ,nma bdsix o isi
On the laws of Passover, by Rabbi Benzion Gassenbauer, first pub­
lished in Budapest in 1944.
.ran n^xi anaa na oy : na i r m o 1?.! o n y j nVw , m a
/ay r a ,d*bi r s —x"o ,ron ,*rton ,r*
On the laws of the Sabbath, from the
Arba Turim,
by Jacob ben
Asher of 14th century Spain, with its abridgment by Joseph Caro two
centuries later, and additional material by Joseph ben Meir Teomim
and Elijah Spira, director of a yeshivah in Prague at the turn of the
17th century.
a*’1? 'n x nxa ,n*?*aa ,mnn ,n:wn
mi naoa
Vy : i a x n io
,ra / r t o n ,]xam .*? .x
. r a p"pi
Commentary on the Talmudic tractates,
Rosh ha-Shanah, Hagigah,
by Aryeh Loeb ben Asher (ca. 1695-1785), rabbi in Metz,
/pVpna .naavx iry^ x nxa /rnox nVna Vy w i t s : n p *? n o n
.d’st r a
.rrVwn ,ixap’to .0 .x .x
Commentary on the Book of Esther, by Eliezer Ashkenazi (1512-
1585), successively rabbi in Egypt, Cyprus, Cremona, and eventually
in Cracow, Poland. In his generation he was respected for his secular
learning and independence of thought.
tm ” S aVwa nxa .V'tnxai
y i
*piobi minn Vy : n a x n a i
/ay a*y /a /n .Tton nson n*>a ,p^pna .xmara
On the Pentateuch and the rest of the Bible, by Meshullam Feivish
Heller, d. 1794, of Eastern Europe.