Page 221 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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• r n Vxnry nxa .maw nnax 7’n ,mmn
: ^ n t y nVna
.a’sn 'o .r^um nyn’naoy .y .n ,p^pnn
Commentary on the Pentateuch and on the aggadic parts of the
Talmud, by Azriel Grin, a European rabbi, who died in 1841.
anson m a ,.\a .d’ iw t s ay .pa” a p nwa nxa . n n s n . t d o
.am r y ,Y'o . r ,{?wn ,ixaa’n
The Book of the 613 Commandments of Judaism, by Moses Mai­
monides, with various commentaries.
.npy’ p
d ’ o
’a nxa .nyitp’na ns’ -inn : n i ’ tpya *iso
np1? ay -pma .Y'Vwn /ison n’n ,1’^pnn n y ^ ’a m torn*’ nxa
.Vx*w’ naiax oyi nva nVnp oyi ma
Stories from the Talmud and the Midrash, by Nissim ben Jacob of
Kairouan, North Africa (ca. 990-1062). This work proved very popular
and has been reissued many times since the first edition in the early
16th century. The present edition has notes by Israel David Miller.
m*?ai .nnaxoa nrca p Vn’a
b x w
nxa .minn
: a *»np t m a y
ina xa’^aa *?n’a *?x’n’ nxa .m*?sn ytoi minn
: ’pai np i ’Vx
.am ra
n"b ,T'bwr\
,1’nx1? .*r
,.’ .a .mvafta 'rn’a ^>x’n’
Hasidic comments on the Torah by Jehiel Michal ben Moses of
Sambor, and a commentary on the Torah and the prayers by Jehiel
Michal of Glina, grandson of the famous Hasid Jehiel Michal of
.amn 'a
w b v n
,nmm a” n ,.\a .yurin’ npy’ nxa . y w i n ’ ’ as
Commentary on the Talmud, by Jacob Joshua ben Zebi Hirsch
(1680-1756), prominent rabbi and head of
in Lemberg, Poland
and Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
.i p^n .r^wn nson n’n ,pVpnn .pynvn i n nxa . “r n m i s
r rv
.D"wn ‘ry
Commentary on the Talmud, by Rabbi David Dishbek, who served
in Fuerth and Metz in the 18th century.
.nyiiar’xp tn\n ’nx nxa .nami fyiai wsan nVymV n ® ’ n np
.r^wn ,nson n’n ,r*?pnn
An ethical work by Zevi Hirsch Koidanover (d. 1712), who lived at
various times in Poland and Germany.
mnxi ’^xsnaoixa pwaw ,iarn ’aixaa *iox iwx : n wa
amnx in nva nxa .D*?iy ’Vna ix v i rvn in pnx’ i axnsa ?nain’