Page 222 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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ayi aia np1? oy miaa .a’ 2 i rra .*rVam neon n n ,p^j?na .?nan
.nrwsia nso ayi torn?* naiax
A compilation of comments on the Bible by prominent 18th century
rabbis, edited by Moses ben Abraham ha-Kohen of Chudnof, first
published in 1793.
a nna .pnjiw»2 i n nxa .nos
'b 'b bw
non ^y maVn : ’ i n
b i p
/ay r y ,a"a .*rton ,mx2n nxxin ,.\a .ninan oy
On the laws and customs of the Passover Seder, by Rabbi David
Feinstein. This work is its second enlarged edition.
.praixn Txa p nor] r a s ianan nxa , o n j a o y n o -i a : i p
,p^>pna .‘ryaa’ p ’ iVn ’nya an nxa niaipa nxiai nmx ’a ay
' i .Y'bwn
On the origin of the prayers and the laws pertaining thereto, by
Joseph ben Meir Teomim, with notes and references by Dob Berl
'P J im ‘r x t a nxa .naw
own nxp Vy a m : n aw 7anp
/ay o"p .n"ton ,*pxw .v .-1 ,p*?pna .pxfto
Sermons on the laws of the Sabbath, by Bezalel ben Solomon of
Kobryn, who served as rabbi in Sluzk and Boskowitz in the 17th
/ay r a
n "b v
n ,p*?pna .awn pnax -fra^x »asnxa
.nruYi apy’ piat ayi naura* ’aa ’ rcnn ay in a a
A Cabalistic work by Zevi Elimelech Spiro.
,.\a .vian xnn’ nxa .max ’wnn ,nato ’wnrr : d » i » b s ’ aw
>'j ,t"t
,rr’ .[?] *rton ,o’na anxn cist
Notes on the Talmudic tractate
Baba Mezia,
by Judah Lebush
Frenkil, first published nearly a century ago.
.“isiD *7^2 atra naiaan anox n n a p ’^?n2a nxa . ’ *?n2a l y w
wa ay *piaa .am r a . r r ^ n 0210 .2 .x .a .x .’ ,pVpna
.’Vraa wa *?iaa ayi
Another collection of sermons, by Naphtali Sofer.
n n ,p*?pna .axaan p"pa ^’ tpyn ymn’ nxa . a ’ p ’ 7 x
’ n 2 w
cm2 nxa a’ pnx ’n2v ay m na .am
v b
n ,anaa
.a” n nnx2n ayi p’nxan pnax
Hasidic stories by and about Joshua Heschel of Rymanow.
cm2 nxa /ra i mm ’ vain w a n ^y anaxa : B ’ p
’ *72
’ n 2 v