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world and the other.
Paris, 1974. 414 p.
Four stories written in the years 1934-1973 which reflect the
Parisian milieu, as well as the native background of the Polish-
born writer.
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From world to world: short stories.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Book, 1974. 251 p.
Stories of life in the Old Country and America.
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Canadiana; an anthology.
Buenos Aires, Ateneo
Literario en el IWO , 1974. 444 p. (Masterworks of Yiddish litera­
ture published by the Joseph Lifshitz Fund, 62).
Poetry and prose by Canadian Yiddish writers, and a separate
part consisting of contributions to the history and socio-cultural
aspects of Jewish life in Canada.
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— .
Braziliana; an anthology.
Buenos Aires, Ateneo Literario en el
IWO , 1973. 349 p. (Masterwork of Yiddish literature published by
t'he Joseph Lifshitz Fund, 58).
Prose, poetry, memoirs and history of Jews in Brazil, with a
biographical dictionary of participating writers.