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central character from a love affair through his dedication to
the radical cause and the eventual sacrifice of his socialist con­
victions. A tragic and compelling story, it re-creates what went
on in Russian Poland at the end of the last century and the
beginning of this one. She is now at work on a sequel to this
book, a continuation of her family saga which takes the char­
acters in
Whi te Eagle, Dark Skies
into the period of World War
I and Poland’s newly won independence.
We are grateful to Bernard H. Marks for making possible an
annual Jewish history award. Mr. Marks has been active in
Jewish educational and Zionist circles during a long and fruitful
career. For many years he was associated with the Hebrew Pub­
lishing Co. He is an active member of the Jewish Book Council’s
Executive Board.
The judges for this award were Dr. Martin A. Cohen, professor
of Jewish history, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of
Religion; Dr. Norman Golb, professor of medieval Jewish
studies, University of Chicago, and Dr. Sidney B. Hoenig, pro­
fessor of Jewish history at Yeshiva University.
The judges were unanimous in recommending for this year's
award Professor Solomon Zeitlin, the distinguished Jewish his­
torian, for his cumulative contributions over many years to
Jewish literature. There recently appeared an entire volume en­
Solomon Ze i t l in: Scholar Laureate: An Anno ta t ed Bibl iog­
raphy, 1915-1970, Wi th Apprecia t ion of Hi s Writings,
by Sidney
B. Hoenig. This bibliography lists 406 different scholarly items.
In an article by Dr. Hoenig published in volume 29 of the
Jewish Book Annual
on the occasion of Dr. Zeitlin’s 80th birth­
day, Dr. Hoenig wrote: “A scholar’s scholar who in the past sixty
years has mastered the complete range of the sacred and secular
Jewish literature is Solomon Zeitlin, the Distinguished Professor
of Post-Biblical Literature and Institutions at Dropsie University
in Philadelphia. His originality of thought, keen historic pene­
tration and the courage to battle valiantly for the truth in
rabbinic, hellenistic and patristic literature has established for
him a world-wide reputation as the leading authority on the
Second Jewish Commonwealth covering the period of the evolu­