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tion of the religious forces of Judaism and Christianity. As editor-
in-chief of the
Jewish Quarterly Rev iew
and of the Jewish
Apocryphal Literature series, he has displayed extraordinary
versatility and has enriched scholarly literature to an unprece­
dented degree. In the academic world, Professor Solomon Zeitlin
is called the ‘stubborn controversialist,’ for he never hesitates to
assert boldly and to write with vehemence what he believes is
correct. But generally a spirit of mildness, of reserve and modesty
are the components of his personality. When one seeks to discuss
his background or his accomplishments, silence prevails, for
Zeitlin will always talk about his ‘studies’ but never about him­
self.” Among his recent books are
Who Crucified Jesus?
Publishing Co.), the two-volume
The Rise and Fall of the
Judaean State
(Jewish Publication Society of America) and two
volumes of
Studies in the Early History of Judaism
(Ktav Pub­
lishing House).
The award for a book on the Holocaust is presented by Leon
Jolson, himself a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto, who has a keen
personal interest in Holocaust literature. A distinguished com­
munal leader, Mr. Jolson is a generous benefactor of many Jew­
ish causes.
The judges for this award were Miss Dina Abramowicz,
librarian, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research; Lucy S. Dawido-
wicz, professor of Holocaust and social studies at Yeshiva Uni­
versity Stern College, and Dr. Elie Wiesel, noted author and
professor of Jewish studies at City University of New York.
The judges have selected for the award Dr. Isaiah Trunk,
author of
Judenrat: The Jewish Councils in Eastern Europe
Under Nazi Occupation,
published by Macmillan. Dr. Trunk
is a graduate of the University of Warsaw, where he received a
doctorate in education and has a doctorate in history from the
Jewish Teachers Seminary in New York. One of the outstanding
Jewish researchers, he is presently the archivist and research asso­
ciate of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and a lecturer
at the Max Weinreich Center for Advanced Jewish Studies.
Among his major publications are
The History of the Jews in
Klot zk
(Warsaw, 1939),
A Historical and Sociological Study of