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military congregations, JWB Armed Forces and Veterans Services
Committees, Jewish and public libraries, and others.
The promotion of Jewish Book Month began in June, 1974,
with a mailing to over five thousand leaders in Jewish communal
agencies as well as to librarians and book dealers. A follow-up
communication was mailed in September. As a result of these
mailings as well as the publicity in the press, we have received
many hundreds of requests for materials to aid in the observance
of Jewish Book Month. News stories on the month appeared in
most of the English Jewish newspapers. There was also extensive
coverage in Center and synagogue bulletins.
Eleven essays on various aspects of Jewish literature all over the
world and bibliographies of more than 800 books of Jewish
interest published during 1973-74 in the United States, Great
Britain and Israel, were included in Volume 32 of the
Book Annual.
Printed in three languages, English, Hebrew and
Yiddish, the
yearbook of American Jewish literary
The publication of volume 33 of the
Jewish Book Annual
made possible by grants from the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation
through its president, Harry Starr, and the Israel Matz Founda­
tion through its president, Dr. I. Edward Kiev. We are also
indebted to Dr. Gilbert Klaperman, Dr. Judah Nadich and Dr.
A. Alan Steinbach, all past presidents of the Jewish Book Coun­
cil, for their significant assistance in assuring the continued pub­
lication of the
For the past twenty volumes, since 1956, Dr. A. Alan Steinbach
has served as the editor. Philip Goodman has continued as man­
aging editor since 1944. The associate editors of volume 33 were
Hyman B. Bass, Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz, Dr. Menahem G. Glenn,
Dr. Jacob Kabakoff and Dr. I. Edward Kiev.
Our periodical
Jewish Bookland
continues to give the most com­
prehensive book review coverage of any Jewish periodical. It is
the only publication devoted exclusively to reviews of Jewish
books in English, Yiddish and Hebrew and serves as a guide to