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the selection of books by Jewish and general libraries as well as
by individuals. An impressive roster of competent authorities
serve as reviewers. Under the editorship of Dr. A. Alan Stein­
bach, the periodical is being well received. The other members
of the Editorial Board are Philip Goodman, associate editor,
Madelaine Berg, managing editor, Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz, Dr.
Jacob Kabakoff and Dr. Sol Liptzin.
During the past year the Council issued a number of new publi­
cations to meet current needs.
Aspects of Jewish Life
is a selected
and annotated bibliography of more than 700 selected books
and multimedia materials. It was prepared by Hannah Grad
Goodman and includes in its 111 pages 39 different subjects
ranging from A—the American Jewish Community, American
Jewish History, American Jewish Immigration, Archaeology and
Art—through Y—Yiddish and Yiddish Literature. For each sub­
ject, multimedia resources are recommended. These include
books, films, filmstrips, dramatizations, musico-dramatic wrorks,
songs, cassettes, exhibits, programs, music, scripts, recordings,
dances and other materials. A sample program is provided dem­
onstrating how to use the resources.
To furnish resources for the observance of the American Rev­
olution Bicentennial, the following materials were prepared:
Programs for ’76:
Programming Suggestions for Jewish Groups
during the American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration, by
Hannah Grad Goodman;
Annotated and Selected Bibl iography
of Dramat ic Scripts on American Jewish Themes ,
by Hannah
Grad Goodman;
Selected Books on American Jewish History:
An Annotated Bibliography, by Nathan M. Kaganoff;
Books on American Jewish Biography:
An Annotated Bibliog­
raphy,by Nathan M. Kaganoff;
Selected Books of Amer ican
Jewish Fiction,
by Harold U. Ribalow, and
Selected Juvenile
Books on American Jewish Life,
by Deborah Brodie.
Selected Books on American Jewish History
Selected Books
on American Jewish Biography
were co-published with the Amer­
ican Jewish Historical Society.
At the present time the Council has available for distribution
47 different items which include program suggestions, guides for