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100 additional books a year; a catalogue accessible to readers;
adequate library quarters; the conduct of Jewish Book Month
activities and other programs to enrich Jewish cultural life, and
related requirements.
At a special ceremony held on May 4, 1975, a total of $4,000.00
in cash was presented to the winners of the National Jewish
Book Awards as well as special citations of honor. The presenta­
tion of these awards received wide press coverage, particularly
in the Jewish press. Feature stories dealing with the awards ap­
peared in many periodicals. The high caliber of the judges,
experts in each of the eight areas, added prestige to the awards.
The Jewish Book Council participated in the International Book
Fair held at the Convention Hall in Jerusalem from April 28th
to May 5th, 1975, under the patronage of the Municipality. One
hundred seventy books selected by the Council’s Library Com­
mittee were exhibited, representing American Jewish literary
creativity during the past two years. Dr. Sol Liptzin, past presi­
dent of the Council and now a resident of Jerusalem, formed a
committee which supervised the local arrangements. The book
fair was attended by over 76,000 Israelis who paid admission to
the event in which approximately one thousand publishers from
thirty countries participated. The Council’s exhibit attracted
considerable attention and resulted in the sales of many books.
The Council also co-sponsored with the American Jewish
Committee an evening with Charles Angoff that was held at
the United Synagogue building in Jerusalem on July 18th, 1974.
We have been in communication with the South African Zion­
ist Federation in Johannesburg and have supplied them with our
materials to aid them in planning a Jewish Book Week program.
The Jewish Book Council of England conducted a community-
wide Jewish Book Week during March in which a number of
lectures as wrell as exhibits and special programs for students,
school children and senior citizens were conducted.