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Selected Books on
American Jewish History*
B l a u , J o s ep h
L. and
S a l o W . B a r o n ,
T he Jews of the Un ited
States 1790-1840: A Documen tary H istory.
New York: Columbia
University Press, 1964. 3 vols. $45.00.
“A . . . collection of public and private documents . . . portraying
the character of the Jews of early America.”
F e in g o ld , H e n r y
Zion in America: T he Jewish Experience from
Colon ial T im es to the Present.
New York: Hippocrene Books,
1975. 357 pp. $5.95 paperbound.
G la n z , R u d o l f .
S tudies in Judaica Americana.
New York: Ktav, 1970.
407 pp. $14.95.
Collection of previously published essays, dealing primarily with
the German Jew in America.
J a n ow sk y , O s c a r
I., ed.
The American Jew: A Reappra isa l.
phia: The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1964. xvi+468
pp. $6.00.
A collection of essays dealing with the economic, philanthropic,
cultural, organizational and religious aspects of Jewish life in
Karp , A b rah am
J., ed.
The Jewish Experience in America: Selected
Studies from the Pub lica tions of the American Jewish H istorical
Waltham, Mass.: American Jewish Historical Society;
New York: Ktav, 1969. 5 vols. illus. $49.50.
A collection of articles providing a detailed background and
excellent overview of American Jewish history.
K a y s e r l in g ,
Christopher Columbus and the P artic ipa tion of the
Jews in the Spanish and Portuguese Discoveries.
[4th ed.] New
York: Hermon Press, 1968. xv+189 pp. $4.95.
A reprint of the London, 1907 edition of a pioneering fully
documented study.
• A number of out-of-print books (listed without prices) are included because
of their importance; they are available in many libraries.