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K o rn , B e t r am
American Jewry and the C iv il War.
New York:
Atlieneum, 1970. xii-f-331 pp. illus. $4.50 paperbound.
An excellent study of the Jews in the United States from 1861
to 1865.
L ea r s i , R u fu s .
T he Jews in America: A H istory . Ep ilogue: American
Jewry 1954-1971,
by Abraham J. Karp. New York: Ktav, 1972.
xiv+422 pp. illus. $5.95.
An updating of the standard work on American Jewish history.
L eb e son , A n i t a L ibman .
Jewish Pioneers in America, 1492-1848.
York: Behrman, 1931. 372 pp. illus.
A very fine history of the Jews in America in the period before
the Civil War.
M a rcu s , J a c o b
T he Colon ial American Jew 1492-1776.
Wayne State University Press, 1970. 3 vols. (1650 pp.) illus. $45.00.
A definitive study of the Jewish role in Colonial America.
M a rcu s , J a c o b
R., ed.
Critical S tudies in American Jewish H istory:
Selected Articles from American Jewish Archives.
American Jewish Archives; New York: Ktav, 1971. 3 vols. illus.
A collection of articles providing a broad view of American
Jewish history.
M a rcu s , J a c o b R .
Studies in American Jewish H istory : S tudies and
Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College Press, 1969. 255 pp.
illus. $10.00.
A collection of previously published material by the “dean” of
American Jewish historians.
R o s e n b lo om , J o s ep h R .
A B iographical D ic tionary of Early American
Jews: Colon ial T im es Through 1800.
[Lexington] University of
Kentucky Press, 1960. x ii+175 pp.
A basic tool for students of early American Jewish history.
Sc iiappes , M o rr is
U., ed.
A Documen tary H istory of the Jews in the
Un ited States 1654-1875.
3rd ed. New York: Schocken Books, 1971.
xx iv+766 pp. $12.50.
A new edition of a standard work indispensable for students
in the field.
S chappes , M o rr is
A P ic toria l H istory of the Jews in the U n ited
New rev. ed. New York: Marzani & Munsell, 1965. x iii+339
pp. illus.
A very useful work, originally published in 1958, which includes
new material bringing the narrative up to date.
S t e r n , M a l c o lm
Americans of Jewish Descent: A Com pend ium of
Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College Press; New York:
Ktav, 1969. 307 pp. $50.00.