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A major work containing the genealogies of American Jews who
arrived in the United States before 1840.
YViernik, P e t e r .
H istory of the Jews in America: From the Period of
the D iscovery of the N ew World to the Present T im e .
3d ed. New
York: Hermon Press, 1972. xxx-j-481 pp. illus. $9.95.
A standard popular study of American Jewish history, originally
published in 1931, to which has been added a survey of Jewish
life in America from 1932 to 1972, by Irving J. Sloan.
C oop erm an , J e h i e l
B. and
S a r a h
C oop erm an .
America in Yiddish
Poe try: An An tho logy Selected and Translated.
New York: Expo­
sition Press, 1967. xxiii-f-528 pp. $10.00.
D a v is , M o sh e .
T he Emergence of Conservative Judaism: T he H is­
torical School in 19th Century America.
Philadelphia: Jewish Pub­
lication Society of America, 1963. xiv+527 pp. illus. $5.50.
A comprehensive survey of Jewish religious life in the United
States in the 19th century.
D o r o sh k in , M i l t o n .
Y iddish in America: Social and Cultural Founda­
Rutherford: Farleigh Dickinson University Press, 1969. 281
pp. illus. $12.00.
A study of the role of Yiddish among the Eastern European
immigrants in America.
G l a z e r , N a t h a n .
American Judaism .
2d ed. Chicago: University of
Chicago Press, 1972. xi-f-210 pp. $5.95. $1.95 paperbound.
A revised and updated edition of a very thoughtful and well
written study of Judaism in the United States.
G ro ss , T h e o d o r e L .,
T he L itera ture of American Jews.
New York:
The Free Press, 1973. xv ii+510 pp. illus. $12.95.
Contains selections which portray the literary expression of
American Jews from the early 19th century until the present day.
K am p f , A vram .
Con temporary Synagogue A r t: D eve lopm en ts in the
Un ited States, 1945-1965.
Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication
Society of America, 1966. x ii+276 pp. illus. $14.50.
K la p e rm a n , G i lb e r t .
The Story of Yeshiva Un iversity: The First
Jewish Un iversity in America.
New York: Macmillan, 1969. xv+301
pp. illus. $8.95.
L i f s o n , D av id
T he Yiddish Thea tre in America.
New York: T.
Yoseloff, 1965. 659 pp. illus.
A comprehensive history.
L ip tz in , S o l .
The Jew in American L itera ture .
New York: Bloch, 1966.
251 pp. $5.50.