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A survey of both the image of the Jew in American literature
as well as his contribution.
L on d on , H a n n a h R .
Portra its of Jews by G i lb e r t Stuart and O ther
Early American Artists .
Rutland, Vt.: Charles E. Tuttle, 1969.
x i+197 pp. illus. $12.50.
A reprint of the 1927 edition, containing numerous reproduc­
tions of portraits and miniatures of early American Jews.
L ond on , H a n n a h
M in ia tures and S ilhoue ttes of Early American
Rutland, Vt.: Charles E. Tuttle, 1970. 154+199 pp. illus.
A reprint of two early volumes, amply illustrated, which have
become classic works.
M ad ison , C h a r l e s
Yiddish L itera tu re : Its Scope and M a jo r Writers.
New York: Frederick Ungar, 1968. x ii+540 pp. $10.00. New York:
Schocken, 1971. $4.50 paperbound.
A comprehensive survey, of which approximately one-half is
devoted to Yiddish literature and writers in America.
P l a u t ,
G u n th e r . .
T he Growth of R e form Judaism: American and
European Sources U n til 1948.
New York: World Union for Pro­
gressive Judaism; Union of American Hebrew Congregations,
1965. xxx ii+383 pp. $8.75.
A collection of original source material.
S c h i f f , A l v in Irw in .
T he Jewish Day School in America.
New York:
Jewish Education Committee Press, 1966. xxv ii+294 pp. $2.50.
Includes material on the history of the development of the day
school in America.
A d l e r , F ran k
R oo ts in a M ov ing Stream: T he C en tenn ia l H isto ry
of Congregation B ’nai Jehudah of Kansas C ity
City, Mo.: The Temple, Congregation B’nai Jehudah, 1972. x x i ii- f
466 pp. illus. $9.00.
A very comprehensive and exquisite synagogue history; includes
information on the early Jewish community of Kansas City and
the role of Eddie Jacobson, a member of the congregation, in the
establishment of the State of Israel.
A d ler , S e l ig and
T h om a s
C o n n o l l y .
From A rara t to Suburbia:
The H istory of the Buffalo Jewish Commun ity.
Jewish Publication Society o f America,
1960. xv i+498
One of the better written Jewish community studies.
B ran d e s , Jo sep h .
Imm igran ts to Freedom: Jewish Commun ities in
Ru ra l N ew Jersey since 1882.
Philadelphia: University of Penn­
sylvania Press, 1971. x iii+424 pp. illus. $12.50.